Monday, June 4, 2012

Terrible Twos

This is my little diva in the act of trying to 
escape when told countless times to sit in her chair at Anamias...

My sweet angel has claimed her 2nd year of life with a vengeance!  Yes she still can be polite but like it always seems with little girls, as Mellyn says on Steel Magnolias, "All abused is heaped on the mother..."  I am wondering if maybe she is just this way to me but probably not. 

First, the tantrums have begun and more than like full out throw herself on the floor - it is whining or crying when she doesn't get what she wants and boy can she turn it off when she wants as well.  This is especially the worst when it is late afternoon evening and she is ready for bed but not...which brings me to the next one...

Second, she has gone from her waking up between 8 and 10am to getting up at 5:30!  And of course this happens when I am sick for three weeks.  THEN, she is put to bed at any time between 7 and 8 pm (though our schedules are so crazy sometimes she doesn't go down until 9 or 10...we are bad parents I know but also refuse to be ruled by her schedule...which we probably pay for because I know she needs consistency) and has been in her big girl bed since JANUARY.  The problem within the past couple weeks is that she has started testing us and proceeds to get out of bed at most 10 times a night before falling asleep.  It is ridiculous and it REALLY tests our patience but we are trying to just continue to be consistent and put her back in bed.

Consistency is our motto these days - timeout when it is deserved and following through when we promise something.  UGH this is hard and I know only the beginning to how it will be when she is a teenager YIKES.  I will continue to rely on Andy and our mother, Mary as an example of strength and her reliance on Christ to get through all she did.  Of course I cannot parallel terrible twos with Christ's suffering and death...but I do hope I can offer up everything that comes with being a Momma like she does.  "Lord give us strength" - a common prayer spoken from my lips and a second Steel Magnolias quote in one post...

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  1. It sounds like you are doing the right thing. Have you watched the Super Nanny and her rules for bedtime? The best thing I can tell you is to put her back to bed BUT don't engage with her at all. No talking, hugging, kissing just straight right back to bed. It is no fun to get up if no one is going to give her attention.