Monday, June 18, 2012

6.13.12 Grandma's Surgery a Success, Crazy Day, and Eleanor infoDay 10 - 70 DOS

What a day.  I was ready for bed at 6pm and unfortunately, that was not in the cards.  Today felt like a country song though I do have one PRAISE GOD thing to be thankful for - Grandma's surgery went well and she is on the road to recovery.  She should be home from the hospital tomorrow.

Let's see...Eleanor woke up at 7 and I thought the morning might go well.  We got a little bit of packing done but when 10am rolled around (the deadline for when I should have heard that our paperwork was perfect and we were good to go to close on our house on Friday) and I never heard from our mortgage broker, I developed a knot in my stomach.  It grew to my throat when he wasn't answering my phone calls.  What could be up!?

Katie, Eleanor, and I went to Corner Bakery to pick up lunch for mom, Mary, and Grandpa as we all waited in the waiting room at Baylor for Grandma's surgery to finish.  We called the order into Preston Center instead of Preston/Forest and when I arrived wondering where our order was, there was a mile long line because yes, I arrived right at noon.  The cashier took forever to take the order and then they gave me pasta with marinara against my request of plain pasta for E - THEN they put butter on it even though I told them not to.   Oh and as I was going through all this, my mortgage guy called and let me know that the zip code had been incorrectly written on the contract and so now we had yet another day that our file would sit in underwriting and that oh, I would need to meet him to re-sign the docs.  Perfect.

Then, we get to the hospital and waited.  I felt like I was on a medical show (Grey's is the first to come to mind) and did not like the knotted rope in the back of my throat that was present until the wonderful and seemingly normal (not McDreamy or McSteamy-like at all) surgeon came out with a good report.  Thank you everyone for the prayers, Grandma made it through and is on her way to a speedy recovery!  The best news of the day and all we needed to make everything else in this day not matter.  Again I echo, Praise God!

Since I don't really have pictures for today - I wanted to share an update on E!  She made it to 2 years old but has finally been introduced (against her mother's wishes) to Ketchup.  She of course LOVES it and calls it "Ketchut".  The unusual thing is that my sweet child has followed in her father's footsteps and loves to mix ketchup and mustard and REQUESTS them both to dip in.  Here is Eleanor eating lunch with ketchup and mustard AND dipping all things on her plate (including the apples) in it.  HA!

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