Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We FINALLY have a Blog!

So after many months of reminders from friends to start a Reinberg blog, we are finally listening! So much has happened this first year of our marriage. We were married July 18th, 2009 in Dallas at our parish, St. Ann Catholic Church in Coppell, TX. It was the best day of our lives that will be remembered forever. It is hard to imagine the feeling of love we experienced having everyone, family and friends, all in town at the same time, all there to witness us celebrate the sacrament of marriage, and all gathered for a SUPER fun party afterwards.

After such a wonderful evening we woke up Sunday morning and spent the afternoon at the Aldon's eating a family favorite - Sweet Meats (the best bar-b-que ever tasted) and visiting with family and friends on their way out of town. That evening we went back to our apartment for the first time and ate cheese, crackers, and drank champagne while we unwrapped presents. The weekend couldn't get any better!

Monday morning we flew out to paradise and landed in Maui, arriving to our hotel just in time to see a Maui sunset. We enjoyed food, beautiful scenery, and much needed relaxation, just the two of us. If anyone needs restaurant suggestions in Maui, please ask as we found quite a few we LOVED and crave often. After being in Maui for 5 days we satisfied our thirst for History and went to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor. We enjoyed Pearl Harbor and seeing another part of Hawaii but decided Maui was our favorite place to visit! After 7 days in God's beautiful creation, we came home to an apartment needing some love and lots of work at school.

After a quick few days of unpacking and "merging" Lindsay's and Andy's things, Lindsay went straight to 12 hour days at school setting up her classroom and re-familiarizing herself with 5th grade Reading/Language Arts/Social Studies after being out of the education arena for 2 years.

At the same time, Andy went straight to the football field coaching 2 practices a day and preparing for what we seemingly revolve our fall around: FOOTBALL SEASON!

The 2 weeks of inservice, making a classroom cozy, and 2-a-days flew by quickly and our blissful beginning to marriage changed to school craziness. As if our lives hadn't changed enough, we got another BIG surprise a few weeks after the beginning of school. Just before leaving for a weekend at the lake Labor Day weekend, we took a certain test and were shocked by the plus signs consistently appearing on the 4 consecutive tests taken. Lindsay spent the weekend exhausted and nauseas unable to partake in the wonderful lake beverages while Andy had enough for the both of them celebrating in secret the new addition that would, in 9 months, make the 2 Reinbergs 3!

After getting a confirmation from the Dr., we told our families. A famous line from an old favorite, "We wanted to tell you when you were together, but you're never together." (Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias) summed up our revelation. Mom was in Houston with Grandma and Grandpa so we called her and told her in the parking lot of Anamias, an Aldon Mexican Restaurant Fave, just before joining Tom, Katie, Mary, and Kelsey for dinner and subsequently telling them. When we called Andy's parents, everyone was on speaker and Andy's dad was so excited he couldn't speak!

The status quo of nausea and once a day vomiting remained so until right about Thanksgiving - perfect timing! The holidays flew past and were marked with Andy giving Lindsay the newly revealed baby GIRL's name. I wonder if the Aldons will ever get a boy, poor Tom is still praying. 'Nell is finally getting another girl to add to the male dominant Reinberg family. Anyway, Andy and Eleanor Ann gave Lindsay a piece of Christmas china and revealed Andy's accpetance of the name Lindsay just loved. We wished we could have sent out Christmas cards but maybe this blog entry will suffice as an update!

Already being 4 months into 2010, it is hard to believe that our little "Ellie" will be here in 4 weeks or less! We can't wait to meet her and look forward to a hopefully relaxing summer enjoying our little princess. In the meantime we patiently wait to hold our little one, are moving to an apartment closer to "Marmi" (Lindsay's mom who will be watching Eleanor next year) and once again making it home. Andy is closing out another track season while Lindsay is counting down the days to maternity leave. We thank everyone for their constant prayers and support and can't wait to introduce Eleanor to all those we love.