Monday, June 4, 2012

70 Days of Summer

Among many other things I am trying to accomplish this summer, one is going to be writing a post EVERY day this summer!  Not only is some documentation needed of my sweet baby girl - I have failed on posting about her this year - I also would love to look back and see all that we accomplished and got to enjoy this summer.  i have to be honest that I was kind of dreading summer.  Not because I was going to miss work (I mean I actually do miss my kids but will enjoy the break) but more because I know a lot has to happen this summer and I have psyched myself into feeling like it is going to end with nothing fun having happened.  Yes we are buying a house this summer and I want it to be perfectly decorated by the time we go back to school and I have almost 2 weeks of training to go to and we are trying to fit in a few quick trips to visit friends and family which will all be fun but before summer began, I was looking at it all as a chore and a weekend of rest at the lake and some chill time with the Reinberg 3 (which we never get) helped me to realize that I need to turn my "tude" around and look positively on this!  SO I am super excited and look forward to looking back on a successful 70 days of posts in a row.  I picked 70 because it is 70 days from now until the week I have to go back for in-services/to set up my classroom.  HOPEFULLY those 70 days will take a LONG time! :)

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