Monday, June 18, 2012

6.10.12 Happy Birthday Marmi! Day 7 - 70 DOS

We had such a fun time in CS - probably the best bonding experience Eleanor has ever had with her grandparents as she got to spend so much time with them without us.  Grammie did a great job feeding E her favorites for dinner (pasta, avocado, and fruit) both nights and bathed and put her to bed without a fight!  THEN the biggest gift was definitely that Andy and I got to sleep until 10 both days!  Thank you Grammie and Grandpa!

We went to mass at St. Mary's at noon on Sunday and then headed to Dallas to celebrate Marmi's AND Grandpa's bdays!  Grandma is in town for a Dr. appt. so we had so much fun spending time with them this evening.  The girls and Pop Pop collaborated to put together a feast complete with bruschetta, Hot Spinach Dip, and mom's favorite "Boursin" cheese and crackers to start.  We then had a salad, grilled asapragus, baked potatoes, and STEAK cooked a perfect medium rare!  Good job Pop Pop!  This was also Eleanor's time to try and DEVOUR her steak!  It must have been because Grandma cut it for her!  She also enjoyed feeding it to "Baby Tina."

Eleanor helped Grandpa and Marmi open their presents and even helped sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles.  Katie made Grandpa's favorite - yellow cake with chocolate frosting and pecans on top along with strawberry jello and bananas and she did an amazing job at it!  The icing on the cake was Eleanor and her grandmother and great grandfather all sticking to the Thomason/Aldon tradition and sticking their fingers in the cake.  What a fun night with family, we are so blessed!  Happy Birthday Marmi (June 10th) and Grandpa (June 4th)!

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