Monday, June 18, 2012

6.9.12 Sweet Home College Station (to Andy) Day 6 - 70 DOS

We met up with the sweet Place family and Eleanor had a blast with the boys!

The Witte's sweet little girl, Kailyn.  Love her!

The style of the new MSC

They have their own Apple store!  CS is really moving up in the to get a Central Market and a Nordstrom and maybe I would think about living there...still wouldn't but at least I would think about it??
How cool is this - so you can completely fill your water bottle because you don't have to tilt it.  Promotes the recycling of water bottles but my germ-o-phobe self wants to know if it keeps germs from spreading...

Today was so nice - Andy and I got to sleep our hangovers/not going to bed until almost 4am off while Grammie and Grandpa woke up with Eleanor around 6 and played with her all morning.  We then took probably 3 hours (I kid you not) for everyone to get ready and out the door to take some Aggie pics and check out the MSC.  We got to meet up with the Witties and the Place's and E had a blast running around with her friends! It was also so fun showing Eleanor Aggieland.  Hopefully she will one day call it home for 4 years just as we did.

Just before we left E with Grammie and Grandpa again, Fr. Will came by to say hello.  What a trat it as to see him again!  We then headed to the "Brauhaus", a German restaurant that Brian and Erin chose for use to share their 5th Wedding Anniversary dinner with them.  Andy and I then split off and had such a fun time at the Corner Bar catching up with all his old HS friends.

We topped off the night sharing a piece of pesto chicken pizza and a piece of spinach, tomato, and feta pizza at our favorite late night Northgate pizza hangout - Antonio's!  We stopped by to hang out at Greg and Michaela's again and I of course fell asleep waiting on the guys to be ready to leave.  I am not cut out for this late night college biz anymore!

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