Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 4 with Sally - 12.23 to 12.24

Monday, the 23rd, was a day of baking and Sally had to be right in the mix.  We found her perched on the top of our microwave ready to watch it all!

Sally's last day with us came to a close with her sitting in the same spot she came to meet us.  Just as she was found perched on our chandelier in the kitchen on the first day of Advent, we found her there Christmas Eve.

After Christmas Eve dinner, Eleanor wrote her note to Santa for Sally to take away to the North Pole as she left for good that night.
This was what she asked Santa for in her note which was also what she asked him for in person:
  1. an Umbrella
  2. a bippity, boppity, boo carriage (Cinderella's carriage)
  3.  a Cinderelly princess and prince

I think Eleanor really enjoyed this time with her elf, Sally and we can't wait for her to come back next year!

Eleanor's First Aggie Game in Kyle Field

Eleanor was SO excited for her first game at Aggieland against Sam Houston State.  She was whooping and gig'eming all morning!

We saw Parson's Mounted Cavalry on our way to the KTB tailgate

Catching up with some former members at the KTB tailgate

Ready for march in - Eleanor was most excited to see the band and Reveille

Here comes the marching band as E calls them!

This kid was a trip - you can't deny that Aggies bleed maroon from birth!

Poor little bug fell asleep before we got to see Rev

She finally came but E was out!

E woke up just as we got in the stadium to watch the history of A&M video

Our view from Uncle Mike's seats - we are so thankful he let us use them for this game!

Helicopter fly over

There goes Rev - Eleanor finally got to see her and proceeded to ask where she was throughout the entire game.  "Is she takin' a nap?" she would ask if she couldn't see her...

AYYYYYYYYYYYYY - E helping the wrecking crew take down the bearcats!

Halftime it's time to see the Aggie band.

Happy after the game - we killed 'em!

Walking past the century tree on our way to mass - we barely made it for the gospel oops...

Uncle Matt was E's date to the game

After the game and mass, we went back to Grammie and Grandpa's to eat BBQ and hang with the Wittes and Nicholsons.  Kaiynn and Eleanor were precious dancing and had a blast!

Best friends and their girls

On Monday, Grammie took Andy to one of his CS faves - Wings and More for lunch

We had such a fun trip!

Week 3 with Sally - 12.17 to 12.22

I am getting worse and worse with the documentation.  Sally did come every day this week though!

    On Monday, she left a fun project for Eleanor and Aunt Keekda to do while Mommy and Daddy went on their carriage ride through HP to look at Christmas lights.  Eleanor found Sally covered in icing decorating an ice cream cone as a Christmas tree - Eleanor was so excited to join! 
Tuesday, Eleanor was super sick with a 103 fever.  Sally was found riding Eleanor's little puppy stocking holder (this was mine growing up).

Wednesday, we decided Sally was trying to use Daddy's birthday balloon to get back to the north pole!

Thursday, Eleanor found Sally in the bed in her dollhouse!  Eleanor practiced great self control and didn't move her, at least not when we were looking!

Friday, Sally was found hanging from Eleanor's curtains in her room! 

Saturday, she was found laying on Eleanor's mini stocking on the coffee table.  As soon as Eleanor saw she remarked, "That Sally is on my stocking!  That stinker needs to get off!"  Eleanor's favorite ways to refer to Sally now are, "Silly Sally" and "That Stinker!"

On Sunday, that stinker was found in our family room tree with a roll of toilet paper!  Eleanor woke up and walked to the tree, saying, "Look at what Sally did that stinker!  We need to clean this up!" I can't BELIEVE I didn't get pictures of this...after two nights of beverages I guess I was a little out of it that day...