Monday, June 18, 2012

6.14.12 So Long Farewell to Lake Holbrook - Day 11 70 DOS

This is a tribute to our beloved family Lake House.  Many fun memories were spent here, to name a few, it actually was bought right around the time Andy and I started our relationship.  It was where Andy had his bachelor party, we found out we were having Eleanor, and where we took Eleanor the first weekend after she was born (for Memorial Day).  So many holidays have been spent there and so much fun with family and friends.

You know I am not much of a lake girl but it was truly a special place and I will miss it.  We were lucky enough to get to visit one last time (though we didn't know it was out last) the weekend after school was out and I actually got to ski one more time.  I wish we would have taken E on the tube but had planned to the next time we went out.  We never got to make that trip because mom and dad were fortunate enough to sell it so quickly.  They closed on it yesterday and while we are so happy for them as this was something they felt they needed to do, we will miss it!  Here are a few pics from our last weekend...

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