Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6.8.12 Aggieland Bound Day 5 - 70 DOS

Andy's golf tournament yesterday lasted until about 6pm so we decided to wait and come to CS today.  We woke up, packed and headed out getting in town just in time for Andy to enjoy his favorite fried chicken - Layne's, and for me to get a salad at good ol' Blue Baker.  Eleanor was so excited to go to "Grammie's House" and to see "Aggieland" and she told us quite  few times on the way down.  She was also wonderful in the car - slept and then was content coloring us pictures and reading herself books.  What a gem she is!  We then went over to Andy's HS friend, Brian's new house and headed to Northgate for the first round of reunion festivities.

We left Eleanor with Grammie and Grandpa and they took her to daily mass while we enjoyed HH at the Corner Bar.  Erin (Brian's wife) and I decided our diets would not allow for the delectable but high in calorie famous Reinberg Tostadas that were being made at Andy's parents' house and seeing as our husbands weren't the best at introducing us to all their friends, we peaced out and got dinner at Cafe Eccel - one of my favorites and must eats when in CS.  We decided Brian could have my share of tostadas and we enjoyed a couple cosmos, their amazing Napa plate to start and split a ceasar and their Chilean Sea Bass - MMMMMM!  To top it off, a strawberry tart to go which we enjoyed with our wine back at the Reinbergs - I am SURE it was nowhere near the calories we would have encountered if we ate tostadas right? 

As you can see...we were a little excited about the strawberry tart!

Cute HS friends - Andy and Brian

Afterwards, we headed to Greg and Michaela's house while the girls fought to hold our eyes open and the boys reverted back to their college days and played "waterfalls."   Oh how I don't miss that part of college...3:30am was when we arrived back at the Reinbergs complete with Gumby's pizza rolls in hand which is why I did not get to write this post yesterday...

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