Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eleanor's First Haircut

Eleanor had her first haircut today! It wasn't exactly planned. I had a routine cut scheduled and while Michelle was cutting my hair we discussed when to cut Eleanor's. As you might have noticed, her hair was really beginning to get in her face and was all different lengths. Michelle and I decided to have Andy bring her up while she was still cutting my hair. Because the whole event was so impromptu not only was Eleanor still in her PJ's but poor Andy didn't remember the camera and so my daughter's first haircut is documented on nothing more than an IPhone :( I was pretty disappointed in that but it was better than nothing.

Eleanor took her first cut like a champ. She has a little of her mommy's vanity in her and loves looking at herself in the mirror. That was pretty much what she did the entire time Michelle was cutting. She didn't utter one cry the only negative thing I could say was that she was squirmy and curious as usual looking around which made it a little difficult to hold her down but she didn't react negatively to the almost headlock I had to hold her in. We love her hair begin out of her face now, it really brightens it up! Thanks Michelle!

The best "before" picture we could can kind of see her little hairs hanging on the side like a member of the tree stooges...

Her hair is all wet and ready to be cut!
Such a good girl sitting so still...well in this pic at least!

All finished and checking our "new do" out in the mirror

The sweet lady, Michelle, who gave her her first haircut. Michelle has cut my hair for a long time and also did my up-dos for prom and my wedding!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas to All!

We took this in front of our tree before my school Christmas party. We are so excited for our 2 weeks off and to spend time with family and friends. Here are few things we have to look forward to:

- Visits from Andy's brothers for his birthday
- Visit to College Station for Christmas
- Eleanor's first Christmas
- Playdates with friends
- Special time with my family as well after Christmas

Here is our Christmas card this year:

We hope you enjoy a wonderful Christmas and New Year and remember the true reason of the Season, our Savior's humility that he would make himself present to us in the form of a baby in a dirty manger and our God's love for us that he would send us His Son to show us His true love in the form of a person. I just LOVE Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Eleanor is 7 Months Old!

Eleanor was 7 months old on the 18th of December, also her Daddy's 27th birthday! She is simply amazing! Her personality continues to come out as she is getting more and more able to tell us what she wants! She can now shake her head no which she often does when I am trying to suck things out of her nose, when she is finished eating and wants no more, and when we are putting her in the car seat. Since she knows "no" with a head shake, we are going to try and implement that when we are telling her no as well - like when she grabs mommy's necklace or glasses ha!

A few things Eleanor has started doing since her 6th month include...

- Pulling herself from the laying on her stomach position to sitting up. She now does this in bed, I guess it is time now to lower her crib down :(

- She LOVES to clap at anything. We don't even have to prompt her by saying, "Yay" or "Patty Cake" she does it on her own.

- She has added foods to her repertoire of delicacies of Mommy's homemade food. She still hasn't had anything processed except the little organic puffs she SO loves to eat and an occasional bottle of formula! She eats sweet potato, brown rice porridge, oatmeal porridge, avocado, carrots, spinach (though I held off on the carrots and spinach once I heard you were supposed to wait until they are at least 7 months due to possible nitrates found in those foods...oops), pears, green peas, and banana. Still yet to try over the break are apples, winter squash, green beans, and maybe some millet (another grain to introduce). We are trying new combinations too. Last night she had oatmeal, banana, and peas. She loved it when usually she turns her nose up at peas!

- We think Eleanor might be a lefty. She has pretty much mastered picking up the puffs with her thumb and pointer finger on her left hand and still grabs with her whole fist on her right. It is quite funny to see her stuff her whole fist in her mouth and then still come out with a soggy cereal piece in her hand. When she uses her left hand though, she simply places it in her mouth and pulls her fingers out.

- Still only the two bottom teeth though with all the drooling, spitting, blowing bubbles, and putting her hand in her mouth, we think a top tooth is on the horizon.

- E is getting SO CLOSE to crawling. I am sure her 8th month post will have a bit about that new feat triumphed. She scoots around and pivots and she can definitely clear the whole room crawling backwards but she still has yet to move forward in pursuit of a toy. She will get up on all 4s and just rock back and forth and usually throw a fit because she wants to go so badly!

- She has added more sounds to her vocabulary. At first it was just mmmmah and bbbah but now she has added the nnnah sound as well. We are on the edge of our seats to know her first word! I am sure it will still be a little while...

- Eleanor loves to play with her activity table we took the legs off of still, she also has learned, from her Aunt MEA to knock over a pile of blocks! She loves playing with her blocks as well!

- Eleanor also made it through her first night away from Mommy and Daddy without a family member in attendance. Marci Perez and her friend watched her along with one of Eleanor's many suitors, Canon Blackwell. We think the two of them kept each other busy enough to realize their parents weren't gone. They were great and Eleanor went to bed without a fight. I will post their "date" on another post. Marci videoed it!

We continue to fall in love with you sweet Eleanor every day! We are SO looking forward to the next two weeks away from school and spending time with you 24/7!

Upcoming this month is Eleanor's first Christmas and New Year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I LOVE Coupons but don't love hard drives...

SO God is good and because of coupon codes I just saved $60 on my Christmas card order!! HOORAY!

I had 4 different websites up as I was choosing Christmas cards and uploading photos and much to my supposition was proved wrong and Tiny Prints is in fact no more expensive than any other website when comparing the same paper and card size! I was so excited because I am familiar with their website and like it better anyway. Not to mention, I had a million coupons, some expired and some not, that I could apply to the order which made it even better!

So I was about to check out. I had already spent at least 3 hours working on the card and choosing the perfect one, emailing options to mom and Andy soliciting opinions and finally decided. I typed in the code I had for 20% off my order and was so excited about my over $40 in savings. It even gave me free shipping but wouldn't guarantee the cards to me until Christmas Eve which just wouldn't work so I paid only $9 to get them by Monday. Pretty good for rush shipping if you ask me...

I then stumbled upon a coupon that expired in October. The code was TP1010 (tiny prints, Oct. 2010). My resourceful self thought, why not try and see if I can use this code and apply it to December. I typed in TP1210 and hit apply and waited thinking something would pop up saying "not a valid code" but was SHOCKED when it took another $20 off my order! AMAZING!

This utter gittiness over saving $60 definitely overshadowed my dismay about possibly having lost EVERYTHING on my external hard drive. Here is my predicament. As some of you know, my laptop has been down for quite some time. It isn't completely crashed but could go any day and is really non-functioning. Because of that, I decided to back up my laptop on my old faithful external hard drive. I brought it to school with pictures to upload and play with as I designed my invitation and it opened up right away! I was able to take what I needed and then suddenly it disappeared from my, "My Computer" drive.

I unplugged and plugged it back in and it said it needed to format the external drive and did I want it to. I said no and am glad I did because after consulting with my computer whiz mother, found that it was going to wipe out everything on the hard drive. I am so distraught! If I take this thing home and it doesn't open up on my computer that is all my pictures and documents from college forward! AHH! What is the point of an external hard drive if it is going to fail you too!!!??? Do I have to back up three different ways or something!?

I don't know what God is trying to teach me in this but am trying to be patient and trust and pray to St. Anthony that he will pray to help me recover my lost files. Silly that I am being so obsessive about something on my computer - it is a thing and at times like Christmas you realize how important family and friends and the people you love are compared to things so maybe God is trying to teach me that lesson. I don't know...I am still super sad if I have lost everything on that hard drive! I will keep you posted. Until then, I am focusing on the positive - $60 saved WAHOO!

If you are a later orderer like me and still are looking for Christmas cards, feel free to use these codes to save some money on



And another code for $10 off orders of $49+... FANS Too bad it gave me that after I put my order in! Make sure you use it before 2011, it expires Dec. 31st.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Having a new member of the family to introduce all the fun customs and traditions to has been SO FUN this year! I love the year of firsts, in fact that is all Andy and I have known since we married - the first year was "Our Firsts" as Reinbergs and now, we have Eleanor's firsts to enjoy!

This past weekend we visited Santa at the Galleria in Dallas. I was very particular and borderline offensive and snobby (sorry if I was that to you if I in any way scoffed at your Santa) about which Santa we would go to. I even thought about scouting out each of the malls/places Santa appears and picking which one I thought would be best for Eleanor but ran out of time. I finally narrowed down my decisions to Northpark and Galleria. Galleria actually had a picture of their Santa on the website unlike anyone else and I just love Northpark so was a little partial in thinking theirs would be good. After looking at the calendar and time schedule, decided that Galleria was the choice. It worked better with Eleanor's nap schedule as they opened at 11 whereas Northpark opened right when the whole city of Dallas would be done with church at 12:30.

Galleria ended up being a wonderful choice! My hopes for Eleanor's first Santa encounter were that of sweet little Susan Walker in Cole's department store in "Miracle on 34th Street." Galleria Santa's little wonderland wasn't more than a bunch of tasteful Christmas lights on lots of greenery and his big velvet chair but it was perfect! I was quite surprised when we arrived at 11:07 and there was already a line wrapped halfway around the wonderland. When the little elf told us it would be 10 min I was relieved. We finally got to see Santa after waiting for not 10 min. but an hour and Eleanor was a champ throughout the entire wait! She was so giggly and as I worried that her giggles would turn to fussiness at any second, she pulled through until she got to Santa!

When we sat her on him she just stared at him in wonder. Not necessarily in shock or "who the heck are you?" but just in the perfect awe and wonder that every child has when they get to see and touch and be in the presence of that mystical figure, Santa Claus! When she heard all the bells and tambourines she finally looked at us and my desperate attempts to stray her gaze from the jolly old man in the red suit finally proved successful and we got a decent picture!

After pictures we took a stroll down to the skating rink and COrner Bakery and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast while Eleanor was enthralled in the little objects moving on the sea of white and the GIGANTIC Christmas tree in the center of it all. Any commented that he would like to see a tree like that in real life - "Only if you are Clark Griswold," I told him!

We then went shopping for Andy's class' Angel gift and he decided HE wanted to pick out a toy for Eleanor which led him to make her hand touch and push every button on every toy in the kid's section of Target. He decided that "she" liked a little farm animal piano thing. I guess we now are giving her a toy for Christmas ha!

After shopping we picked up "Aunt MEA" and headed to the Gaylord to take some more pictures. BIG MISTAKE! It was a MAD HOUSE! The line to get into the parking garage was forever long so I thought, let's spkurge and do valet. BAD was $20. So I got back into line and resorted to paying $12 for parking. Keep that in mind if you are wanting to go get a few pictures taken. Probably not worth it unless you go on a not so busy weekday and can actually get some pictures without people in them. Regardless, we got a few shots though I haven't been able to view them on the comp. When I can, I will post the best.

We are STILL waiting to get our Christmas card together. I haven't been able to get the "perfect shot" where one of us doesn't have snot dripping out our nose (we have all had colds) and we are all in good moods (mainly Eleanor) and smiling and in coordinating clothes. Andy growled at me when he came out in a red shirt (very sweet of him to try and dress himself in the holiday spirit but not what I had in mind) and I politely informed him that I had already picked out his shirt and his red shirt clashed with the red shirt I was wearing :) He is such a sweet and agreeable husband for letting me have my way with family matchy but not too matchiness...coordinate is really my word of choice. We will see how these pictures turn out and hopefully have cards in the mail before Santa hits the roof. I might just need to accept that not every picture we "publish" in a Christmas card will be perfect and resort back to my blog title and remind myself that our family is a beautiful "mess" not a model of perfection. Though it is very hard for me to accept that everything can't be perfect, I am working on loving my imperfections and living with them rather than stressing my life away to fix them. That is a whole different blog post though.

Until next time, Merry Christmas and remember, not presents, stressful mall (or in our case Gaylord) traffic, Christmas card mailout deadlines, baking, report card deadlines, perfect coordinating outfits BUT JESUS are/is the reason for the season! :) I am more or less saying that for my own reminder...God Bless!

Growing Growing Growing

Eleanor went to the Dr. last week for a weight check. She had only gained an oz. from 4 - 6 months and our doc was worried so we scheduled a check to follow up a few weeks after her 6 month check up. She weight 14lb6oz. at the 6 month checkup and after we have since put her on solids AND her spitting up has gotten SO much better/almost nonexistent, I am happy to report she now weighs in at 15lb12oz. Much improved and our doc is pleased. That still only puts her in the 40th percentile...she is a petite little bug but growing beautifully we are told!

I think her weight gain was definitely attributed to us starting solids but also to the fact that she can sit up on her own now! It is adorable, she is such a big girl! She still needs us to burp her some but occasionally since she sits up so much, she burps on her own - so ladylike :)

My favorite new trick she has up her sleeve is the clapping. Mom and Andy taught her to clap on command. She will either clap when you start singing the "Patty Cake" song or when you start clapping and say YAY!!!! Here is a little sample of her trick :)

We just love how much she is growing and changing - more updates to come on her 7 month post...less than a week away!