Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6.6.12 The Angels Are Bowling - Day 3: 70 DOS

 A pretty crazy thunderstorm came through this evening and the thunder actually brought Eleanor to tears.  She even told me, "That scares me mommy."  So, I scooped her up and pointed to the picture in her room of her guardian angel and said this angel is just bowling up in heaven.  We then got out her pink bowling set and bowled together just like the angels and made thunder.  Let's see if she remembers that little story next time she hears thunder.

In other news, the packing has begun - 3 boxes down in E's room and one shelf emptied, a whole rest of the apt. to go!  I can't believe the time has already come!

I attended an AMAZING workshop today.  Marcia Tate is a charismatic and super knowledgeable speaker who has been teaching for 30+ years and shared her 20 Strategies that engage the brain when learning.  Now that this is my 2nd year in Coppell ISD, I will say that I have yet to attend a training that did not get me excited about teaching/teach me something so this was nothing new but she was over the top amazing!  I almost wish school was starting in a week (JK) so I could go practice these things in my class!  Sure, I do a lot of them already but this only encouraged me to be more cognizant of the necessity of each of these things being included in my lessons.  I am super pumped!

I also had a major "ah ha" today as she talked to so much about stress and its negative effects on the body.  I have been sick for 3 weeks and it is no doubt heightened/not getting better because of the stress that was going on the last few weeks of school.  I am residing myself to be a more prayerful (offering things up) and joyful person from here on out.  It is amazing how quickly I have become more negative and pessimistic and how I am robbing myself of better health and of a much more fun way of living.  Whether you are a teacher or not, I encourage you to read Marcia Tate's "Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites" as it has some amazing scientific research and proof that would help any profession - we are all either teaching or trying to learn something in our lines of work are we not?   Also, if you are a parent, join me in purchasing her book for parents titled, Preparing Children for Success in School and Life.  I am so greatful to have been able to attend this workshop and see it as completely providential - I needed to hear all that she said - it was a complete attitude changer!

As if this weren't enough to ice my cake today, Andy let me go to the gym and put E to bed.  I came home to dinner on the table complete with candles lit and a glass of red wine!  He made a salad, grilled asparagus, and probably the most perfectly grilled ribeye I have ever tasted - and it is hard to impress me on steak as I like it basically imprinted on the grill and taken off (I am vampire-like when it comes to steak).  He even cut it up for me and only gave me pieces with no fat (I am a filet kinda girl so ribeyes aren't my fave).  What a wonderful husband I have!   Tomorrow we are headed to CS for Andy's 10 year HS reunion!  We haven't been to Aggieland in a year - crazy!

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