Monday, June 18, 2012

6.12.12 Fun Summer Day with Friends Day 9 - 70 DOS

It is always so exciting when Hallie and Annabelle come to town!  Eleanor talks about their arrival for days before and then talks about them the entire time they are here along with enjoying them.  Not only that, but my dear bosom friend and their mom, Amanda, and I get to pretend we are living out our HS dream of living in the same town and pushing our kids in strollers everywhere and them being the best of friends.  They still are precious together and of course the best of friends, we just sadly don't get to see them every day.

Today was an excitedly anticipated day.  Eleanor and I woke up and headed for our morning run, trip to feed her duckies, and play at Kid Country.  We were so lucky to get to meet Hallie and Annabelle there as well.  The girls played on the swings, slide, and "Choo Choo" and then were ready to go see the ducks.

We headed to the pond with a plethora of semi-moldy bread and the girls had a blast feeding the ducks.  After that, E and I ran home and met the Tantons at the apartment so Hallie could fulfill her request to play with Eleanor's dollhouse and I could shower.  The poor Tanton girls had a first-hand experience of the nastiness and dilapidation that is our apartment in its moving state.  They didn't seem to be too bothered.

We all piled into the Tanton-mobile, left the apt., we headed to Chic fil A  and Which Which to get lunch for the girls and ladies and then headed to the fountains at Castle Hills.  We went to this area to take Eleanor's 2 Year pics (I need to post them too!) and loved it! 

We enjoyed a picnic with the girls and then literally changed their clothes right there at the table and set them free to play in the water. 

Hallie was soaked from head to toe within seconds, E within a couple min. but poor Belle wasn't as into it.  She did get to enjoy some special time with her momma though!

These pictures make my heart melt - this is what Amanda and I looked forward to since we were in HS - having girls who were as close as we are!  God is so good!

The girls headed off to have ice cream to cap off the day!

 If you live in Dallas and want a fun free treat, here is how to get to these fountains.  Take the Hebron exit off 121 and go East.  The second light after Old Denton is Standridge.  Go left there and you will find yourself winding into Castle Hills.  Follow the road around through beautiful houses and just after you pass the elementary school, make a right onto Lady of the Lame.  You will see the shops of Castle Hills on your left once you have turned onto LoftheL.  Turn in and the fountains are up a couple stairs across from the ice cream shop.  Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy under the awesome spacious umbrellas, some sunscreen and bathing suits for your kids, a towel, and some money for an ice cream cone afterwards and you are set!  We also ate at Agave Azul in Flower Mound the other day and they have a miniature version of this that we will definitely have to try out!

What a blessing of a day it was to spend with my dear friend and her precious girls!  Hopefully we will be able to see them some more this week!  Stay tuned!

Grandma is here for surgery on her carotid artery.  If you read this, please keep her in your prayers - her surgery is tomorrow morning at 10.  Thank you!

In other news - this is what E is doing a lot of while I have been packing...

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