Saturday, June 9, 2012

6.7.12 Fabric Hunting Day 4 - 70 DOS

SO I am a little behind...I also just learned that this thing doesn't post as the date when you started the draft of the post, it posts on the date you finally publish it.  It didn't used to do that which is frustrating bc I liked to have the time stamp on the post and be able to work on it for a couple of days.  Anyway, today (Thursday the 7th) was fun - Marmi, Eleanor, and I hopped in the car and braved the rain to look at fabric swatches.  We basically spent all day looking for ideas for Eleanor's big girl room and for living room and kitchen curtains.  Marmi and E stopped for a nap at our apt. while I met the painter at the house to go over colors.  I am excited about getting the nasty ceilings and splotchy walls fixed though I am learning this is going to be a room by room process.  As much as I want to - we can't do it all at once!

I learned after talking to our sweet decorator friend, Trish R. that white ceilings are not in and trim should be 50% of the color of your walls...who knew?  So much to learn!

I will post pics of fabric swatches and paint colors later once we have a more definitive.  We are getting excited about our new home!

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