Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6.18.12 Signing Our Lives Away! Day 15 70 DOS

It finally happened!  But first...I had an amazing morning/early afternoon in my Jeff Anderson Writing Training.  He is awesome and gave me so many tips on how to teach writing in the classroom.  He based the training off of his most recent book which you see to the side. I also was shown a new website I LOVE (thank you Marly) - goodreads!  It is an amazing way to see what your friends are reading and see their ratings on those things along with writing ratings on books you have read AND making a "to read" list.  I don't think mine will ever get shorter as I keep finding so many awesome books to read!  Friend me on goodreads so I can see what you are reading too!  Also, if you are an ELA teacher, check out Jeff Anderson's books - I have also read Everyday Editing and have Mechanically Inclined on my desk to read next!  He has some inventive approaches to teaching writing!

I left this informative conference excitedly and headed to the title office to SIGN the paperwork to get our new house!  It was so fun "signing our life away" and I will say that my stomach dropped when I saw the maturation date of the loan - 2042!  Oh dear!  Hopefully we will pay it off before then!  Otherwise, Andy and I will be 57 and 58 by the time we have a paid off house!  AGH!  Here is the corny pic I made our realtor take...we are so excited about tomorrow - we will actually receive the keys and can get in and get started working on everything!  Praise God that the home buying process has neared its end!

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