Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6.20.12 The Cleaning Has Begun - Day 17 70 DOS

We are so thankful for the Klement girls!  Sophia went to our apt. and played with Eleanor all day while we started painting the kitchen, closets, and watched Kiwi Carpets clean our carpets.  Then Olivia helped play with her at her house.  We love Kiwi because they don't use water - it is a little bit of cleaner and the heat friction from the machine that clean the carpets and they offer a 2 year warranty (if you tell them I referred you, you will get the 2 and not the one year) where they will come back as many times as you want and re-clean for $30 each time.  I negotiated them down to $311 which included both living areas, the formal dining area, stairs, closets, hallways, master, and 2 other bedrooms AND our sofa and love seat - I thought that was a pretty good deal!  I will note that just now when I went to the website to get the link, it said it was a dangerous website - it isn't but in case you are worried, just google kiwi carpets and you can get the number without going to their site.

I also can't let today go by without mentioning the first casualty of the move in - my nose :(  I was cleaning a light bulb (yes I am OCD and EVERYTHING needs to be they were dusty) and I didn't think about the fact that vanity light bulbs get hot REALLY quickly and when my damp cloth touched it a piece of glass immediately shot off and cut a HUNK out of my face.  We went to the ER and what did they do?  Put superglue on my face.  SO I will now have to walk around without makeup waiting for this lovely "bandage" to dissolve.

Pictures to come...

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