Tuesday, September 13, 2011

St. Ann Carnival - Eleanor's FIRST

This past weekend Eleanor went to her first St. Ann Carnival! We met up with our sweet friends, the Nickells, along with another dear Lindsey/Eleanor pair (the Fuschs) and some other of Brian and Erin's friends from HS.

Eleanor and I split off at first and went to play games. She of course LOVED the ducky game and promptly picked up a winning duck fromt he pool, handed it to the lady, then walked over to the prize table to pick her prize duck (actually this was after she was guided away from pulling EVERY duck out of the pool) of which she chose the princess ducky - I was so proud! :)

After that, she did go fish and was delighted to recieve a BEAUW at the end of her fishing line (a red bear she clutched the rest of the night). We then rode on her first carousel ride. I think she knew she was supposed to like and tried so hard but was kind of whiney the whole ride and had a frown/scared look on her face even though she tried to mutter out a few "whees" as she whined ha! She was torn...I thought the circular movement might have been a bit fast not to mention that the horse was also going up and down!

Andy met up with us shortly thereafter and we went to the petting zoo. Eleanor loved it at first but it was a little crowded and the duck Daddy was holding looked REALLY different from the "dutt tee" in her bathtub - I don't know that she made the connection.

After the petting zoo we went to the super tall slide and Andy and Eleanor went down on the potato sack and she had a blast! Once we finished with rides, we ended the night with a corny dog - Eleanor LOVED the greasy cornbread on the outside. Her vegetarian self still was not impressed with the hot dog ha! Oh dear.

We had a good night. I still think it was a LITTLE too old for her but it was also nice to get out and see friends! We miss you Nickells!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eleanor's First Day of School

Eleanor has always been taken care of by my mom since I went back to work when she was 3 months old. This year, we decided she needed some little people interaction and mom needed a bit of a break so we found a wonderful little school called "Little Apostles Preschool" at St. Philip Parish in Flower Mound.

I was a bit sad that I was not able to drop her off on her first day but mom said the drop off went seamlessly and that E ran away without turning back...much like I did my first day mother like daughter. Anyway, the school even emailed us a picture of Eleanor playing today and sent home her first school art project - a little drawing she did and her hand traced on a yellow piece of construction paper saying, "I love school." I am now understanding why parents take such pride in the "artwork" their children bring home. It almost brought me to tears and I am seriously ready to mat and frame it. Ok not really but it did go straight to the fridge! Now to Pinterst for ideas on cute ways to post your childrens' artwork...I have a wall in the kitchen that is screaming chalkboard or corkboard...hmmm creative juices start flowing!

Anyway, I am so thankful for this school and will keep updates going! So proud of our sweet grown up girl...she is getting so big! A little shout out to smocked auctions for her adorable apple dress and I couldn't resist the matching patent leather them...surprising but I am becoming very fond of red on a one year old!