Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6.5.12 I'm So Proud of You! Day 2 - 70 DOS

Andy on 3rd about to go home after he made a double play!

And we score a run!  Go Andy!

Eleanor has picked up on me telling her how proud I am of her - her latest is to say, "I'm SO proud of you, Momma (Dada)."  She first said it when she referred to me skiing and her watching from the boat this past weekend.  Today, we had a softball game and she told Andy and I that we did a good job playin' and that she was so proud of us!  She is so precious and WE are so proud of HER! :)  Here are some pics from the game - we were invited to play with some friends from college/Andy's roommate right before we got married and his sweet wife and baby girl, the Poulsen family.  E had so much fun waving to and cheering on her dada (and momma for the little she was in the game).  It was Jorja's Bday and E reaped the benefits with two days of ice cream in a row!

In other news, I found an awesome Craig's list treasure and drove to Prosper today to get it - it will go in our bedroom as I slowly but surely put together our bedroom.  All we have right now is bedding and a king sized mattress set ha - headboard will not come for a while I am sure.  I have decided against a matchy matchy bedroom set that I will probably get tired of so we are putting different pieces together.

Sweet Sophia Klement played with Eleanor all day so that I could run errands and so Andy and I could spend the 4 hours we did unpacking and repacking the garage so we could fit all the boxes that are about to begin accumulating in our apt.  The packing begins tomorrow YIKES!

Here are a couple shots of the everyday musings of my daughter - I walked in my room and she was in sunglasses, my shoes, and a tshirt looking in the mirror.  She then told me she looked pretty and had her cool dude glasses on!  HA!   Oh and don't worry - I have told her once that her shirt says Gettysburg and now every other second she is pointing to it saying, "this spells Gettysburg, Mommy"...oh dear how did we create a History nerd already?

Peace, love, and batting practice (all things I learned I need today)...

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