Tuesday, June 5, 2012

6.4.12 Day 1 - 70 DOS

Today was such a great FIRST day of summer!  We had a restful last weekend ever at the lake (post to come) this past weekend and returned to a semi-clean house and a long to do list but I decided to just get done what we could today and really give this morning to Eleanor.  To my surprise, we were able to have fun together AND I was able to multi-task and go down the to do list of phone calls!

Eleanor woke up at 7 (instead of her usual 5:30) PRAISE the LORD!  And we decided to go on a run to the park and to feed the ducks.  I have been sick so we kind of took it slow - run/walk and going down my phone calls list when walking.  E was ready to go with Bun Bun, Lion, and Baby Madeline

After about a 2.5 mile run to get there, we went first to Kid Country to play.  Eleanor didn't feel like swinging but loved the slides!

She also got super excited about the tire swing

We finally decided (after many failed attempts at a picture with smiles) to head to the ducks to feed them.  Eleanor insisted that Bun Bun wanted to swing though before going.  It was so precious to see her push her Bun Bun!  She totally "mommies" her.  That reminds me to document - at Edwin's ordination on Sunday, E was doing her best to be patient through a 2+ hour mass which was one point, she was talking to bun bun and said, "Look Bun Bun, Where's Jesus?" which we so often ask her - it was precious!

The hour and a half of fun complete with a 1000 calorie burn for mom between the running, walking, and playing was too much for E and she got a mid - morning nap.  This allowed momma to go into the clubhouse and get some abs in!  What a fun morning!

We headed home and had lunch and then Dada got home from work - just in time to put E down for her nap.  I got to head to Envy Nail to meet "Marmi" for a pedi - what a treat!  I also fit in PT while Andy and Eleanor met the painter at the house for an estimate.  E and I then got some grocery shopping done and the night was complete with teryaki chicken and fried rice bowls, wine, and yummy Alden's Organic Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - a new favorite in our house!  I will say I picked it initially because it ALMOST is the same as my maiden name, Aldon, and because I love pb ice cream.

This chick finished the entire bowl.  My child who things freeze dried green beans are chips and fruit is dessert has crossed over to the dark side and now asks for ice cream for every meal!  YIKES!
Last thing I want to mention for today that melted my heart.  Eleanor has not stopped talking about how she "watched momma ski" this past weekend at the lake.  I knew it was going to be one of the last (now I know it is the last) times we would get to be on the lake since my parents sold it so I decided to try and ski.  I hadn't gotten up since before my wedding because as the wedding approached I was too afraid I was going to hurt myself and be a dismembered bride and then soon enough after the wedding, was pregnant so could do it and then after that was too afraid to leave E alone on the boat much less water ski behind it so I decided to take the plunge.  I got right up and it was so fun but I guess all the talk about that moved Eleanor to understand that it was a big deal (I mean it really wasn't but to her it was I guess) and this was how our convo went today:
Eleanor (at a most random moment): "Momma I watch you ski"
Me: Yes you did watch momma ski
Eleanor: "I am so proud of you momma"
Me - almost about to cry


  1. Teriyaki Chicken and Fried Rice bowls - sounds so good, can you share the recipe?

  2. Sure I will post it sometime this week - stay tuned! :)