Monday, July 2, 2012

6.27.12 - A Day with Daddy Day 24 - 70 DOS

Andy and Eleanor had such a fun time together today while I was at my 30 hr. GT Training.  He is gone so much during the school year and even this summer has had to work but since I had this training this week, has gotten to spend some special time with E!  Today was especially fun for them.  [I was told] they started their day off outside playing with her balls and getting her golf set out.  They enjoyed the swing and then had a PB&J lunch and headed to Marmi's for a swim.  Eleanor is such a little fish - we can't keep her out of the water!

I could see this special time just the two of them contribute to Eleanor's heightened admiration of her Daddy when I came home.  First, she suggested on her own that we make some gatorade for Daddy and bring it out to him while he was staining the deck.  So thoughtful of her!  As soon as he came in from outside, she was attached to his hip.  She wanted DADA to give her a bath and when I went to brush her hair, she was seated right next to Andy snuggled watching the Rangers.  I asked her to come upstairs so I could get her to bed and she retorted, "Mama, may I please watch the Rangers with Dad?"  How could I resist that?

Such a precious day with Daddy - it warms my heart that they have such a special relationship!

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