Thursday, July 12, 2012

6.24.12 Fan Catastrophe Day, Thank you for my Swing! 21 70 DOS

Today was the day we set out to hang our fan in the family room.  It has at least 12 ft. ceilings that open up to the upstairs so a fan is a necessity until we can afford 2 AC's in the house which will probably be never!  The current fan is an ugly bronze but luckily, we had purchased a bronze rubbed fixture when we moved into our apt.  All we THOUGHT we had to do was buy an extension pole in the proper color and hang out fan.  Boy were we wrong.

I never knew that fans had different diameters, and that our 3/4" diameter fan would not work with the 1/2" bracket up in ceiling.  It hardly hung straight up and down and after a few calls to Home Depot and consulting with our painter's electrician friend, we decided to just spray paint the fan that came with the house and return the fan at Lowes.  Yes we have owned it 2 years but Lowes has a great return policy and my new friend from Home Depot, Rick, assured me that they would take it back and issue store credit.  Awesome!  We go to HD/Lowes more than the bathroom these days so I am sure we can find a way to spend the money!  Here are the pics below of the fan BEFORE mom and Andy got finished with it.  Light fan blades and gold all the way! After pictures will come when the room is put together :)  Not too shabby and free! (well minus the $3 for the can of spray paint an the stain we already had...)

Today was also the day that Eleanor got her swing!  Eleanor, Mom, and Me went to HD and bought some chain to connect her swing to our perfect shade/swinging tree in the back yard.  Here are a few pics to document.  She won't stop telling us, "Thank you for my swing __________(Momma, Daddy...)!"  She loves it! 

Let's put up my swing!

Teamwork - Pop Pop and Dada

That's pretty high...

Dad is always so good at telling people how to do things...

Drilling the holes...

It's finished!

Daddy helping E get in the swing for her first time!

I'm not so sure about this...

Now I like it!!

Happy girl loves her swing!

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