Saturday, July 7, 2012

7.5.12 So this is Summer - Day 32 70 DOS

Today was one of the first days that it actually felt like summer vacation.  We have been so busy since we got off school with trainings, packing, waiting to move, finally closing on our house and moving, unpacking, painting - we haven't stopped to have fun.  Thank you Vaniceks for making us stop and hang out - we are sorry we haven't done it sooner!

Today was summer to me - the distinct smell of citronella combined with bug spray and wet grass just warmed my heart.  Eleanor and Katie running around with the hose and cups of water trying to get their parents while giggling and having so much fun made my week.

Our night started with sweet Katie going to wake Eleanor up from her nap when they arrived.  The girls played with the dollhouse for a bit and then went to break in the freshly straightened playroom - everything in its place - and play!  We blew up the Barbie pool and dumped a bunch of balls in it.  The girls played with that a while and with the kitchen - they even made us cookies.

Then, Kortni and I went to the groc to get dinner supplies - all American taco night!  I made tacos, black beans, mexican rice, guac, and all the fixin's.  We also sampled Wes' rec - the new Bud Light - "Beerrita.s"  They were scarcely reminiscent of Smirnoff ice but they worked during the tequila drought that has taken over our home.  Unfortunately a new lamp or throw pillow takes the place of replenishing our empty handle of Jose.  Oh how my priories have changed as a home owner... 

The dads "got this" - no they weren't watching them swim so we could put our feet up - it was so we could make dinner...don't think too highly of them...

The girls swam and then got dried off for dinner.  They did a great job eating their tacos so their "special treat" - POPSICLES!  These weren't homemade but were very yummy - Dryer's Real Fruit Antioxidant Blend...I think E had Gogi Berry and K had Pomegranate.  I was happy because there was no added sugar/high fructose corn syrup and they were happy just to have something cold to enjoy!  They loved them!

 These sweet girls were way overdue on a playdate.  It is so fun to see them together.  Look at them sharing!  I feel awful though because I didn't get a pic of beautiful Emily, Katie's 5 mo. old younger sister.  She is so precious and I know can't wait to play with the big girls!

Wes said they looked like they got in a bar fight afterwards...

The hosing off I was supposed to be doing of Katie and Eleanor turned into them trying to clean me and then the Daddys being sneaky and turning on the sprinkler...what a fun time we had!  And then the night comes to an end...

You wouldn't think I would be happy about this - but it happens so infrequently, I don't worry about it too much - I snuck this picture of my husband relaxing after the Vaniceks left - he never gets to do this - pure bliss :)  So THIS IS summer :)


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