Monday, July 2, 2012

6.28.12 Little Girls' Rooms are SO MUCH FUN! - Day 25 - 70 DOS

Another day of training...

I did, however, decide on Eleanor's bedding!  After going back and forth on whether or not to purchase the whole set and be matchy matchy, I decided just to get the sham and some sheets with coordinating colors and the rest I will explain in a min.  After looking on Craig's list and eBay, I found what I was looking for at PB OUTLET in San Marcos.  I called down there, they told me their inventory, and are shipping it to me today.  Yes I did pay shipping costs but am paying half of retail and still less than what I could find on eBay.  I decided to use the sham from this set - Daisy Garden - as an inspiration.  I also found bright pink coordinating twin quilts for $28/piece at TJMaxx and the hunt is on for a duvet that coordinates for E's down comforters.

Backing up - I am using my sisters' old bunk beds for Eleanor's beds.  They serve as either twin or bunk beds and they will fill up the entire room the two of them...we decided to put them both in the room though - mainly bc we have no other storage but also because it will be nice for guests - two bed sleeps two brother - in - laws/uncles instead of one :)

SO here is the sham - we decided on the bright pink quilt because it was 1/4 the price of the daisy garden quilt I could find but also because I didn't want to be super committed to one pattern - just buying the shams give us more flexibility for a little girl who decided she wants a new room in a couple years...Now to find fabrics for the window seat and some throw pillows for the bed one including E's monnogram of course!


Here are the sheets we ordered through PBKids Outlet to add some more of a hot pink pop

I have been seeing a lot of blue and since I always lean towards painting a room pink, I decided to take a leap and use the blue in the sham as Eleanor's wall color.  I have never had blue in my house before so this was a stretch but I think it will be fun to try!  Also, if I hate it, pink is only about $40 and a few hours (and probably a few choice words from my husband) away - nothing I can't handle :)

We chose Benjamin Moore's "Morning Glory" though this looks a little darker on this swatch.  PBK actually has a Benjamin Moore set of swatches that coordinates with their line this spring/summer so I took this color to Sherwin Williams and they matched it perfectly.  Can't wait to paint it on the walls!

I found these curtains on super sale and the only place that had them was in Houston so once again, I am paying shipping, but still getting a great deal!

More pictures to come of everything put together in Eleanor's room.  I am toying with the idea of having my very artistic sister paint something like this on the wall for my sweet little sunshine - the flowers from her pillow sham instead of the pennants and different colors of course...either on a canvas or on the wall...thoughts?  Here is a how to on making it on this blog!

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