Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012 Ducks and New Friends Day 36 - 70 DOS

Another relaxing day of summer - and no progress on the house.  I am residing myself to the fact that on some days, nothing will get done.  I take that back, I did finally put all the down pillow forms in the slip covers that have been folded up on the end of the couch for a week.  AND I did a little bit of our daily chores I am trying to implement in order to keep our house clean but not have to do it all in one day because let's be honest, there is no time for that.  I used Pinterest and my own personal cleaning checklist but since this is a new house - there might be a few kinks and this document will probably change.  For not, feel free to use if it works for you.  Whenever I get a chance to learn Adobe Indesign I will make it on a cute checklist printable and share but that just will have to be on my post-it to do list hidden in the pantry for now....

Today Eleanor and I got together with our new neighbors who also happen to go to St. Ann.  What a blessing that we are able to meet such sweet people already who have a daughter only 6 months younger than Eleanor and who also share our Catholic faith.  We are excited to get to know them.  Today, we ventured to the duck pond with them for the first time and Eleanor had a blast!  I think both our favorite aspect of the trip was getting to see and be close to the baby ducks.  So fun!  We even did this in the drizzle - sometimes you have to get out of the house at all costs.  We are so glad to know Anna and Miss Laura (and Anna's Daddy David).

We came home and BOTH took two hour naps.  Yes, I am ashamed to say so but like I have voiced in previous posts - everything is catching up to me!  With that in mind. I need to get to bed so I can make it before 11!  Before I go, I must share a picture that melted my heart of Eleanor and my Grandpa.  They are leaving tomorrow and so we went over for dessert tonight and to say goodbye.  So precious are they - the picture with the baby is almost identical to one I have of ME with Grandpa and my baby at that age.  So blessed are we that Andy and I both have grandparents who are able to be in our daughter's life!

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