Monday, July 9, 2012

7.7.12 Waco Road trip and Time with "Gamma and Gumpa" Day 34 - 70 DOS

Today begun at 5am.  I woke up early in order to make it to my friend, Brittany's house, to meet other girls in our book club that I probably hold the record for worst attendance in to head to Waco for the "I'm Yours" warehouse sale.  Eleanor doesn't own any of these clothes and at the constant recommendation of my mom and E's teachers to dress Eleanor "more casually" and in "play clothes," I decided to break down and buy her some tshirts.  These aren't just any tshirt though - they are super cute - many with bows glued on them and coordinated with precious leggings.  We were a tad tardy to the party (I had to) sale.  So we missed out on most of the leggings we needed to coordinate and in the sizes we needed but I would say we did well and it was definitely worth the trip!  Here are a few of the designs I snagged for E.  I can't get the website to show the Chirstmas and Halloween shirts so you will just have to wait and see them on sweet E when she wears them.  She was so excited, by the way, for her new clothes.  

We are so fortunate to have my Grandma and Grandpa staying with us tonight - our first guests in our new house!  Poor them - Mom and I cleaned out the "guest room" but there are a couple of boxes nestled in the window seat next to their bed.  Not exactly how I thought my guest room would look in our first home (I pictured something more inviting, coordinated, planned, and welcoming).  What they got was my college queen bed adorned with a white down comforter, white sheets, and a white bedskirt.  This room will not be invested in as I am confident that as soon as I decorate it, I will become pregnant as this was what happened last time I tried to create one when we were first married.  SO it is going to stay the ugly green and brown and will have a comfortable bed for our family to stay on or friends to crash on if they are over late.  But, there will be no personal coffee pot, toiletries basket, or personal robes for our guests.  You will however have clean towels!  Maybe once our kids are grown and out of the house, will we have a more inviting guest room as I always desired!

When Grandma and Grandpa arrived this afternoon, we played out on the swing and had a blast.  It brought back memories of Grandpa pushing ME on the swing he and I built on his tree when they lived in Dallas.  To this day, conversations recall my yelling, "Higher Grandpa!"

Andy and Grandpa enjoyed a beverage while we waited on Katie and Ben to join us.  A cold front had come in that afternoon bringing a beautiful breeze and cool temperatures so we were able to enjoy our new deck.  After a while, we headed to Agave Azul for a wonderful dinner, Grandpa's treat.  Mom and Dad joined us after their meeting and we all stayed up WAY too late drinking wine and catching up.  I love my family!

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