Saturday, July 7, 2012

7.4.12 "Thank you for the fire, Mom" Day 31

Today we celebrated our nation's Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.  I wanted so badly to tweet my kids and in excitement, remind them of all we learned this year as I am sure the 4th had a new meaning to them after they took on the persona of so many of our founding fathers in SS this year.  I never did though as I lost my phone for most of the day...oh well!

We had a fun day - the Reinbergs decided we weren't going to do any work on this holiday so Andy took the early shift with Eleanor so I could sleep in until about 8:30 and then E and I baked cookies for the day while Daddy slept until about 11.

Perfect stirring form I must say!  Julia would be impressed!

OO look at all those nummies momma!

Don't mind if I do...

No I don't have my hand in the batter digging for nummies!


Like one Momma?

Hey good lookin' whatcha got cookin

 After we finished baking, we packed our swimming clothes and headed to Marmi's for some lunch and pool time.  E loves her "floaties" that Marmi got her.  She uses them whenever she swims at Marmi's and loves that they hold her up without our help.  I always said I didn't want her swimming with the assistance of flotation devices but this is pretty nice because she is so ambitious she thinks she can swim on her own - she is constantly jumping and trying to swim away from us.  I will say that she does say, "Are you ready ______?"  but doesn't always wait for us to say yes before she jumps off.  I love that she is so comfortable with the water!

Obsessed with holding the flag

 Having fun with her friend, Ben

Yummy Patriotic Berries

Perfect lunch - corn on the cob, burger, crinkle cut fries, and berries - it's America! (as Pop Pop would say)

"Marmi, I like a popsicle please!"

K and Ben clean E up.  After lunch, we headed home to quickly shower and get ready to head to Camp Sweeny to see Aunt Keekda!  Boy was E excited! 

 Eleanor's cookies were nicely wrapped and she was ready to see Aunt Keekda so she could give them to her.   We also sent two bows, Kel's cabin and group colors, per her request.

We got there just in time for the flag lowering ceremony.  This camp is amazing.  If you have a child with diabetes, I strongly recommend it.  The kids love it and it is amazing how much they learn about their disease while there.  Kelsey is loving being a counselor there!

Looking at the flag...

I love my Pop Pop and Marmi!  Happy 4th!

Family 4th of July pic

Katie and Ben

Keekda's camp gear

We decided to play some tennis to kill time before the carnival at Sweeney

Eleanor loved it!

Momma and Pop Pop played Ben and Dada

There's Aunt Keekda!  All the counselors dressed alike so every time Eleanor would see one she would think it was Keekda!  Reminded me of when she would do that with the coaches on the football field, thinking they were all Dada...


Our Lovely Lady Liberty

The Carnival Began with a trip through the obstacle course before all the big kids waned to play  

Eleanor wasn't super sure of it at first

Then she got super excited as she remembered the cow she got to jump in at TCE a few months back


She got to play Aunt Keekda's game and won a pig!  Good job Eleanor!
Our little flag lover kept finding mini flags on the ground and waving them around

Sugar free snow "combs" - E's fave!

Having fun with Pop Pop as always - on the right they were doing "the twist"

High kicks as we danced to the music Keekda's counselor friends were playing on rock band
Always being silly with Daddy  The one on the left cracked me up!

Eleanor really wanted to go under the barricade and sit with Keekda but she wasn't we told her.  She took her momma's attitude and broke the rules.  Poor Keekda had to bring her back and she was so disappointed.
We had so much fun watching the fireworks.  Eleanor got so excited about them and we had a blast as well!  They were almost 30 min long!  After we finished and for days after, Eleanor often said, "Thenk you so much for the fire, Mom"

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