Monday, July 2, 2012

6.29.12 Mouth Watering Shopping and PIzza Eating Day 26 - 70 DOS

Today was a fun day!  I actually got finished early with training and went shopping for the house!  Found some throw pillows to try on the couches, and paid for and picked up part of a couple of new pieces I found on Craig's List.  Both are antiques - one a beautiful dresser for the foyer (might be a little large for the space but I don't care - I LOVE it!) and a dream of a chair to add some icing to our bedroom.  It is a beautiful cream with dark wood legs and arm rests and my favorite - a ruffle on the base!  I LOVE Craig's list!  Stole both for under $300 and neither really need any work!

Dinner tonight was a dream - our sweet Chicago friends, the Durots, sent Mary some of our favorite pizza as a "get well" offering and she shared them with us.  The most delightful taste that ever touched my lips - sausage pizza from Lou Malnati's!  YUM!  I love that Lou's sends their pizza on dry ice to anywhere in the US!  I will never forget my dear roommate, Britt, and I ordering "heart shaped" pizzas from Lou's for a dateless Valentine's Day we shared together!  If you have never had Chicago style pizza and can't afford a plane ticket - order some Lou Malnati's - I recommend the sausage and the plain cheese.  Their sausage is not clumps of plastic meat like Texas pizza - no, it is literally a layer of meat rolled out topped with tomatoes and cheese MMMM!

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  1. AHHHHH! There is nothing better than Lou's. Makes me want to order some right now! I just might. Love and miss your pretty face!