Thursday, July 12, 2012

7.10.12 - Eleanor Love's her Bun Bun - Day 37 - 70 DOS

Eleanor's best friend is her Bun Bun.  She has had this bunny since she was a baby and grew especially close to her when she was separated from her Paci's right before she turned 1.  She also has Lion and she pronounces his name - LYOWN.  It is precious and so distinctive.  I love it.  Bun Bun and LiOWN go everywhere with her, especially to bed.  At one time, we had two bun buns just in case one was lost but have never had another lion.  Hopefully he doesn't get lost ever!

Because these two are E's constant companions, they often are in need of a laundering.  This is hard for Eleanor because she doesn't like the inability to hold them for that hour or so they are "taking a bath."  She has gotten better at it but makes she to show them her affection in between cycles ha!  She will hug and kiss them before they go into the washer and make sure I do the same.  Then, when they are finished, she is so excited and wants me to find them in the mess of wet clothes immediately so she can embrace them again.  She knows that their bath isn't over yet though.

She gives the both big kisses and hugs and stands holding her wet bun bun and lion until I finish loading the dryer.  As soon as we are about to close the door, she gives them one last kiss and hug and says, "I'll see you soon" and puts them in the dryer.  She then reminds me that they are taking a bath for the entire 60 min. dry and is overjoyed to pull them out - all clean - when they are finished.

I love you sweet Eleanor and love that you show you know how to love even if it is to your stuffed animals.

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