Thursday, July 12, 2012

7.12.12 So long Farewell Apartment - Day 39 - 70 DOS

Sequoia Bluffs was a place we called home for surprisingly two years!  We moved there a month before Eleanor was born and brought her, our sweet first child, home from the hospital to that tiny 1,000 sq. ft. home.  It wasn't our first home as a married couple by where we have lived the longest so far together.

We chose the third floor because it was either that or the first - I don't like being in the middle.  Since the first wasn't available, we chose this apartment and we loved that it had a view of the pool and was right there when you pulled into the gate.

We didn't have too many complaints about the apartment complex itself but the 3 flights of stairs were getting a little old when paired with carrying two arm-fulls of groceries and a 30 lb. 2-year-old.  It also really stunk when I forgot something and had to be a terrible mother and lock my daughter in the running car (yes Ford cars can do that) and SPRINT up to the apt. to get whatever it was I had forgotten.  In the beginning it was usually breast milk or my pump as I was already running late to work (in which case she was so little and I actually took the carseat back up with me to get them) or my wallet or a coupon as she got older (in which case I left her) - yes, judge away...

There were so many wonderful memories in that tiny little space though - one that comes to mind was Eleanor's first snow but now that I write that, realize most all of her "firsts" took place there.  We will miss it but also LOVE our new home.  God is good.  Here are a few pics of the apt. to remember.  For some reason, Andy's and my room didn't make it in the camera - not too exciting just the bed and armoire - that he was so excited to NOT be carrying upstairs in the new house!  Eleanor's room is different than when I first decorated it due to the fact that we put her in a big girl bed but didn't want to decorate it until we got to the house.

The "entryway"  To your left past the door was Eleanor's "suite"

 The view past the "entryway" was this - our living room that continued to be taken over by more and more toys.

To your left when you walk in - a galley style kitchen

Andy always liked the "open floor plan" of this place - anymore it feels so cramped to us!

Laundry Room Door on the left, porch door on the right

Another view of the living room and Eleanor's "playroom" or wedge rather behind it

Our table and Eleanor's table

Eleanor's kitchen and bigger toys - all the others were jammed in her closet

Eleanor's bathroom

Eleanor's big girl bed in her room

I wouldn't let Andy take down her crib because I was afraid it would get scratched in the garage so it stayed in her room and became a stuffed animal storage...oops

Eleanor's baby bed (it was my cradle for my babies when I was little)

Eleanor's entry way

She isn't a baby anymore :(
A fraction of E's bows, her dresser and pink chair which doubles as "time-out"  - her closet is on the left

These are pics from Eleanor's room when it was first created - right before she was born!

Handmade custom bedding made by her Marmi

LOVED that diaper cake made by her "Aunt Amanda"

She eventually got brown velvet drapes - don't have a pic with them though but they were perfect for keeping light out during naps!

Thanks for visiting our humble home! We are pretty much all moved out but Andy has yet to repaint Eleanor's room and we still need to deep clean it before we have to turn in the keys on July 31st! 

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