Monday, July 16, 2012

7.11.12 A Day of Discovery - Day 38 - 70 DOS

I didn't realize how big the metroplex was until we ventured to McKinney today.  We were fortunate that the Nickell's missed their flight so we actually could get to see them before they headed back to California.  I have no brain these days and wrote Nate's bday party date down incorrectly so we missed seeing them the entire time they have been here.  We met them along with the Kulle family at the Heard Natural Science Museum in McKinney.  I have never been "where the sidewalk 121 ends" before but we experienced it today and boy was it a trek but so worth it to see our friends.

Sweet Aunt Brianna came to play- it was so great to see her!  This was the best shot I could get of Benny but there are a few more Nate and Eli to good to see these sweet boys who grow SO MUCH each time we do!

The museum had a beautiful butterfly exhibit and Eleanor enjoyed brushing off the "fossils" in the sand though she forgot how much fun she had at the beach last summer and was terrified to get in the sand this time so she just sat on the edge of the "dig area." 

This is the best I could get of her marveling in and trying to catch the butterflies!

Sweet Nate is such a little young man!  I can't believe how grown up Erin's boys are!
This is the spider sweet Nate discovered - YUCK but I did my best to act like it was cool for the kids who were so intrigued by it!
Only the eldest of each family cared to sit on the bench for a picture...these were the best I could get ha!  I can't get over how grown up these boys are!
Our sweet godson and Erin's youngest, Eli, slept through most of the outside part of the museum.  Sweet boy.
Eleanor being an archaeologist at such a young age and looking for fossils.  Who am I kidding she thought she was cleaning up the sand haha!
And here she thought she was cooking the sand ha!  Stir stir stir.  My little domesticated girl.
She and sweet Eli are only 10 days apart yet their due dates were ONE day apart :)  Little Miss E decided to stay for a while...
Shay and Josh wanted to play too!
I love his sweet personality!
We had a blast discovering all the new animals and then stopped by Chic fil A on our way home for a nap.  So glad we got to see our friends, the Nickells and Kulles, and that we got to find another interesting outing to pack into our 70 Days of Summer.  Thanks Erin and Krystal! :)

Our day of discovery didn't end there though.  As soon as we got home and E woke up from her nap, the three of us (Andy included) made the decision to venture BACK down 121 to discover all Ikea had to offer for the FIRST time.  I was so excited we three could have such an outing together.  It is very rare that Andy gets to do anything fun like that with us!

We did some damage and definitely were able to use the $25 off of a purch of $250 or more coupon I got in the mail.  I love all these new house coupons we keep getting!

I will have to share some of my finds when I finally post pics of the house as put together as our budget will allow for now.  I did, however, decide my favorite find were these linen curtain panels.  $19.99 for a PAIR!  That is the cheapest I have found even for simply the fabric to make them.  I was thrilled!  Now to decide between the cream or the beige!  Votes would be wonderful if you would like to comment!  The walls are Latte by Sherwin Williams and my pillows on the couch have lots of cream in them, along with my end table lamp.  Otherwise, the couches are a chocolate brown and the fixtures/tables are black.  I have black rough iron rods if that helps in your decision.  I will post a pic of what we decide but would love input!

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