Thursday, July 5, 2012

7.2.12 Making Progress Day 29 - 70 DOS

Today was the day we completed Eleanor's room's paint job.  Not just the walls - we did the ceilings, baseboards, window seat, trim, and doors - WOW!  I think I breathed in the oil based paint from everything except the ceilings and walls for probably 4 hours straight - needless to say I was a little woozy afterwards.

None of this would have been possible had it not been for the Woodby Family.  Robin Woodby was my room mom this year and her sweet son, Tanner, was known as one of the favorites...I don't have them but the kids insisted he was and I will admit that I just love him to pieces.  A sweet young man who is not only a hard working but sets an amazing example for his peers by his actions (very St. Francis :)) and more often than not did his writing in class include something about his faith.  My teaching partner, Brooke, and I agreed that the only way we would be open to having boys would be if we could have a Tanner!

Robin texted me on Sunday asking to come kidnap Eleanor for a couple of hours.  It didn't work out yesterday because of Eleanor's long nap so they came today and kept her way more than a couple of hours.  The entire time we were painting ALL DAY LONG Robin was texting me picture updates of E and their sweet family.  Eleanor had a blast and we are so grateful to have the Woodbys in our lives!

This makes two rooms COMPLETELY room and E's room.  Lots of trim painting in the future...

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