Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 3 with Sally - 12.17 to 12.22

I am getting worse and worse with the documentation.  Sally did come every day this week though!

    On Monday, she left a fun project for Eleanor and Aunt Keekda to do while Mommy and Daddy went on their carriage ride through HP to look at Christmas lights.  Eleanor found Sally covered in icing decorating an ice cream cone as a Christmas tree - Eleanor was so excited to join! 
Tuesday, Eleanor was super sick with a 103 fever.  Sally was found riding Eleanor's little puppy stocking holder (this was mine growing up).

Wednesday, we decided Sally was trying to use Daddy's birthday balloon to get back to the north pole!

Thursday, Eleanor found Sally in the bed in her dollhouse!  Eleanor practiced great self control and didn't move her, at least not when we were looking!

Friday, Sally was found hanging from Eleanor's curtains in her room! 

Saturday, she was found laying on Eleanor's mini stocking on the coffee table.  As soon as Eleanor saw she remarked, "That Sally is on my stocking!  That stinker needs to get off!"  Eleanor's favorite ways to refer to Sally now are, "Silly Sally" and "That Stinker!"

On Sunday, that stinker was found in our family room tree with a roll of toilet paper!  Eleanor woke up and walked to the tree, saying, "Look at what Sally did that stinker!  We need to clean this up!" I can't BELIEVE I didn't get pictures of this...after two nights of beverages I guess I was a little out of it that day...

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