Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 2 with Sally 12.9 to 12.15

This week has been super fun though it ended with a sad weekend.  As a side note, I still wonder if Eleanor is a little young to get the true meaning of Christmas all wrapped up in all the traditions we are throwing at her but we thought what I am about to describe might be a teaching point so we went with it.

Andy's Christmas party for his coaching staff was held at our house and our friends' who also coach with Andy and live down the street on Saturday.  Eleanor had so much fun playing with Addisyn and Brooke, daughters of two of the coaches who are also a few years older than her.  Apparently, Eleanor touched Sally and the girls, who much better understand the concept of the Elf on a Shelf and who I guess are also much more strict rule followers than Eleanor  because they were appalled at her actions.

Because of this, Andy decided (I was on the fence about it) that Sally wouldn't visit on Sunday.  I was very conflicted about this because one, I don't know that Eleanor truly understands why she can't touch Sally because she is completely taking the concepts of Santa, mystical elves, and the North pole along with connecting them to Jesus' birth for the first time.  I also really love elf on a shelf days on the weekends because Sally usually leaves us a fun activity to do as a family.  We didn't get that on Sunday.   Sad sad day.  Eleanor wasn't too effected by it, once again why I didn't think it was the best idea.  She just said she would see Sally tomorrow ha!

So here are some pictures from Sally's visits this week.  My favorite being probably our Sunday Gingerbread Cookie baking!  So fun and they turned out great!

Sunday - We found Sally covered in flour and she had stamped gingerbread men in the flour with the new cookie cutter she brought us.  We inferred from all the clues this weekend that we should probably make some gingerbread cookies and so we did!  Later that evening, after getting back from looking at Christmas lights, we decorated the gingerbread men we made with Sally's gift!

Monday - Friday I hate to say but I was terrible about documenting with pictures!  Sally was found kneeling by Jesus' manger, hugging on one of our angels, inside Eleanor's coffee pot, in the family room tree, and perched in the garland on the bannister. 

Saturday, Sally was found in Eleanor's tree in her room.  She received a new skirt from Santa and decided to bring Eleanor a skirt for her tree.  Sally's being in such a low place along with the fun of having people over for Andy's party I guess tested Eleanor's self control and she touched her!  All you Elf-on-a-shelfers know that is a no no...
Sunday - Sally had to re-coop in the North Pole because she needed to build up some more magic to return...

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