Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Labor Day 2012

And so it has begun - SCHOOL!  Thankfully, after a crazy first week of school, we always have an extra long weekend!  This Labor Day was nothing short of fun and exciting!  Andy had his season opener in Glen Rose and Dad, Eleanor, Dad's best friend "Uncle Danny," and I made the two hour trek to cheer him on.  Sadly, they lost, but we enjoyed our "bummer" blizzards on the way home - Eleanor can never refuse a blizzard!

Saturday, E and I cleaned house all day and went grocery shopping to prepare to have the Tantons over for dinner.  Despite our efforts, we still didn't manage to get dinner on the table until 8.  Poor Tantons, never getting to eat at a normal time when they come to our house!  The girls, however, did have a wonderful time!  The girls had so much fun with their end of the evening "picmic" watching Cinderella.  The girls SHOVELED the popcorn and m&ms! :)

Sunday was fun family time complete with Eleanor playing Pretty Pretty Princess for the first time!

On Monday, we enjoyed burgers at Marmi and Pop Pop's, E had fun putting makeup on Aunt MEA.  We love the little bits of time we get with Daddy!

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