Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Must Be Santa! 2012

Last year, we waited in line for 3 hours at the Galleria to see the same Santa we took Eleanor to for the first time.  We are both creatures of habit, clinging to tradition, we HAD to see this Santa.  This year, we vowed we would not wait that long again.  We also recieved an email from the photography company who takes pictures of the Santa in the Galleria for a buy one/get one free deal on their picture packages so we decided to go a little early - the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  

Eleanor's Kelly's Kids Rudolph jumper and peter pan collared shirt were in and all ready (Thanks to Marmi).  We planned it perfectly, 9am mass at St. Rita's in Dallas - right across 635 from the Galleria and what a beautiful mass it was!  A heavenly choir, wonderful homily, and Eleanor was actually behaved!  We finished mass and got to the Galleria 30 min. before Santa arrived AND we were first in line!

Eleanor and Andy ran to Corner Bakery while I held our place and in no time, Eleanor was in Santa's lap!  Unlike last year, she was excited to see him, and to tell him what she wanted him to bring!  She smiled pretty and then told him she would like a "bibbity, bobbity, boo"carriage with cinderelly and the prince.  Santa asked her if he could bring her a few surprised too and she said yes.  It was precious!

Waiting in line to see Santa

Patiently Waiting...

Already being naughty and not listening - going behind the rope before we were told we could!

Yay!  Fake smile...

High Five Santa!

Took a few shots at city center...not quite sure we came up with a Christmas card pic though :(

What a fun day we had!  After Santa, we enjoyed brunch at Iron Cactus with Mary and her friend, Jonathan after seeing her new apt.  As you can see...Eleanor made out in the dessert bar...

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