Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hal-LEEN 2012

Ever since Eleanor's birthday in May, we knew she would be Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street for Halloween, or as E would say, "Abby Faiwy."  She has been talking it up, so excited and I had so much fun stepping up to the challenge to make the costume myself.  

If I must say, with the help of JoAnn Fabrics, it turned out pretty well!  I will say, it is quite difficult being specific on a two year old - she was so fidgety anytime I tried the top on that I could hardly pin it!

Since this is our first year in our new home, every holiday has been so much fun to celebrate and decorate for!  I am not much for ghosts, goblins, and skeletons so I decorate my house in pumpkins which I have found to be very cost effective - it works for both Halloween and Thanksgiving!

This year, we actually were able to get pumpkin carving in!  It just so happened that the Cowboys were playing the weekend we chose so Eleanor was of course decked out in her Cowboy cheerleader outfit! Eleanor wanted to make a traditional "jack-o-lantern" along with an Aggie pumpkin. 

Eleanor had a special dress up - parade day at school and Andy took a half day so he could dress up and see her.  This is how Daddy did her hair - it was precious!  You can also see a picture of her with her teacher, Ms. Norma.

Eleanor and I had so much fun making Halloween Pumpkin sugar cookies!

We were so blessed to have our neighbors and good friends come over to celebrate and for Eleanor to trick or treat with, the Cohens.  My parents and Aunt Katie and Ben joined as well.  Eleanor and I made pumpkin sugar cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for dessert (I mention this first because it is most important :)), Traditional "3 Alarm Chili", and Turkey Chili with all the fixin's to please all the various ways people like to eat chili - with cornbread, pasta (for those who lived in Cincinnati), hot dogs, and/or fritos.

Eleanor and Anna were PRECIOUS trick - or - treating!  They had an amazing time walking up to the door, knocking, and saying, "trick - or - treat!

Trying to capture the "full moon" in the bg - perfect for Halloween night!

Pop Pop covered the candy at our house while Eleanor was trick-or-treating.  It was so cute, he was just as excited about Halloween as he was when we were kids!

Daddy got home just in time to meet Eleanor at the door after she finished trick-or-treating.  You have to love that Ranchview scheduled a JV game on HALLOWEEN NIGHT!

Look at all that loot!

My parents came over abounding with gifts - lots of beverages, some pretty pumpkins to adorn our new home for fall, and a bag full of goodies for Eleanor complete with a fairy barbie to remember Eleanor's Halloween as a fairy :)  It was so nice having almost everyone together to share the holiday!

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