Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Growing up on "the Farm," one of my favorite pasttimes was learning to drive at a very young age.  At first, Grandpa would let me steer while he pushed the pedals but as soon as I could reach and see over the steering wheel, I was doing it by myself - like at an elementary school age.  We all did.  I always worried E wouldn't get to have that experience as I worry how much longer the farm will be in our family.  Luckily, she got to "drive" the UV to her heart's content and she did love to ride in it!

This Thanksgiving we were so blessed to not have playoffs and get the entire week off.  That allowed us to go to College Station first and then to Grandma and Grandpa's for a couple of days for the actual feast.  There have been many a picture of men I love on the farm in this exact pose...I had to capture in hand and super relaxed!

 Looking down "the lane"
 Our first day was just us three, Grandma, Grandpa, and mom.  Grandpa and I went to Angelo to brave the HEB and get all the Thanksgiving groceries.  It was so special getting to spend that time with him even in the craziness of that store!  That night, we made Cauliflower Pizza Crust Pizzas for Grandma who is watching her carbs due to diabetes and they were a success!

 On the second night, everyone was there and we enjoyed Grandpa's smoked brisket, pork, a pot of pinto beans, twice baked mashed potatoes, and green beans almondine YUM!  Eleanor was a very meticulous and helpful table setter!

 Thanksgiving Morning...Marmi and Pop Pop are relaxing as we start to prepare the feast!

Katie and I worked in the kitchen all day - it is so wonderful having her home and I do LOVE to cook with her!

 Eleanor and everyone else enjoyed the traditional Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa! 

Pop Pop even came in to help with the dishes - I had to capture this shot!

Eleanor helped peel the deviled eggs with Aunt K...

 ...and got a little goofy with "Mrs. Benjamin"

Love them!

We tried to put E down for a nap and this was how we found her..

Dinner is served, now to fit in the quick family pics before we eat...

Grandpa's best childhood friend, Bill, and his wife Ginger came to join for dinner!

 The spread...

Eleanor was so excited to eat on her place mat she made at school.

Grandpa's speech to start off the meal was so sweet though it makes me so sad to see him cry :)

Someone is ready to eat...

Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Everywhere...

Well maybe not the men....

Ben eventually did chip in and put Grandma's silver away!


It isn't a holiday at Grandma's without some piano playing...

The meal ended just in time for Cowboy's kickoff.  Yes we plan it that way....and during halftime since the game was such a joke, the men took out some agresssion at Grandpa's country backyard driving range.  This was Andy and Ben shooting in unison...

Katie and Mary decided to try to hit a ball...

Nothing like a sunset and a full moon at the farm...what a wonderful visit we had!

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