Saturday, December 29, 2012

Elf on a Shelf/Advent Week 1 12.2 to 12.8

We have begun the tradition of "Elf on a Shelf."  Ours came to us on the first Sunday of Advent.  She was waiting for us in our chandelier in the kitchen looking over the Advent brunch she had prepared for us complete with candy cane confetti, red and green m&ms, a little wind up walking Santa for Eleanor, Christmas plates and napkins, red and white straws for our OJ that filled cups we got to decorate with Christmas trees that also came with stickers to adorn our trees while we waited for the cinnamon rolls to finish baking.  We lit our advent wreath for the first time and read the story of the "Elf on a Shelf."

--------------Eleanor's Look when she saw Sally for the first time!
When the time came in the story to ask Eleanor what she wanted to name her elf, without thought or any guidance from us, she blurted out, "Sally."  So Sally has stuck and we are so happy to find her in a new place every day.

On Monday, she got into our sprinkles as she tried to make Eleanor an ice cream sundae which she indicated in her note to E is BOTH their favorites.  She brought Eleanor an ice cream ornament since that is something they share a love for and she put vanilla ice cream in our freezer for Eleanor to enjoy after her dinner.  We had pork roast, green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes that night and boy was that ice cream a motivator for Eleanor to take a "no thank you bite" of her potatoes.  She of course gagged the whole time it was in her mouth but didn't spit it out!  So proud of her!

Tuesday brought a new location for Sally.  She left her place in the kitchen and we found her taking a marshmallow bubble bath in Eleanor's sink complete with her rubber duckies and a towel for relaxing with.  Silly Sally!  Momma also wrote the wrong date in the calendar for St. Nicholas Day.  While it was supposed to be on Thursday, November 6th, we celebrated it on Tuesday.  Eleanor put her "cinderella sparkle shoe" out on the fire place on Monday night and found in it when she awoke, her night gown for Christmas Eve night, a Santa book, a Cinderella ornament, a hat and gloves, and some Santa stickers.  What a treat and how generous St. Nicholas was!

Wednesday she was found diving in our M&M bowl!  She and Eleanor are "Em-numn" lovers at heart!

Thursday we found Sally ziplining from our bannister to our shelves with Christmas ribbon.  What a crazy girl!

Friday she was found riding Eleanor's Christmas moose that she calls her "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" in our shelves. 

Saturday, Eleanor came downstairs in her gingerbread outfit (how perfect) to find Sally in the tree with a new gingerbread ornament for Eleanor.  She couldn't get over how she and Sally both had gingerbread men on that day! 

What a FUN first week with Sally, our new elf!

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