Wednesday, August 1, 2012

7.19.12 - Marmi's home/ Daddy Puts His Grill Together Day 46 - 70 DOS

Eleanor woke up to Marmi at our house back from her vacation.  She missed her so much and was even more excited to see that Marmi had brought her presents.  She even quickly gave Marmi a hug then pointed to what was in her hand and asked, "What's that?"  She had so much fun opening her presents with Marmi!

Marmi found some neat bottles in a little gift shop and though E had to have them!

Eleanor's first charm bracelet all the way from California

My "blacelet" is so pretty momma!

This was a precious dress mom and dad picked out at a boutique in California.

Eleanor loves her new dress!

The rest of the day was spent watching Daddy put all the pieces together to make his new grill!  Thank Goodness Chad (his coaching buddy who is also our new neighbor) came over to help!

Eleanor asked if she should bring Daddy a "cold beer," so I handed her one to take to him. She was so proud!

Nothing but love between these two!

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