Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8.9.12 - It's a Lovely Day for Tea - Day 67 - 70 DOS

I had a plethora of activities I wanted to do with Eleanor this summer since I feel that I deprive her during the school year while I am working and with the huge project that was our house (that I feel will never be finished) we just never got them all done.  I could list all the things I wanted to do but didn't but I also know that I have this summer's blog posts to show me that we really did have SOME fun.  Today, was one of those days!

We decided last week that we wanted to host a tea party.  Eleanor is ALL girl so she is of course in love with having tea parties...the pretend kind that is.  I decided I wanted to spoil her and go ahead  and have a real one...well as real as you can get for a 2 year old.  We invited a few of her friends and in doing so realized she has a lot more friends that are boys than girls ha!  We invited Katie Jo, her best friend and pretty much twin as they were born two days apart, one of her other friends who she doesn't get to see but once a year but whose momma I just love to pieces and worked with at Aikin - Madeline,  a family friend who we have known for a while and don't get to see often either, Nyah, and our sweet new neighbor, Anna.  Three of them had to cancel today and it ended up being a fun little tea party for just Katie and Eleanor.

I might have had more fun than the girls preparing everything and making it as girly as possible.  We started the playdate off with a craft "craf" as E would say.  The girls used stcky foam hearts to decorate their foam crowns and then wore them for their party.  They loved them!

Since I was fearful that they wouldn't like tea, I used Eleanor's plastic tea set (they aren't ready for pink depresion glass I decided...maybe someday) and filled the tea pot up with raspberry lemonade.

The first course consisted of sliced grapes and strawberries in an ice cream cone.  The girls loved it!  After that they had crustless jelly sandwiches complete with a halved grape for the center of the flower.  Eleanor DEVOURED hers!

The girls continued to sip their "tea"...well gulp it actually.  They probably had 10 cups each (that might be exaggerating but their cups were also teeny tiny)  

 The next course was homemade strawberry ice cream.  Eleanor loved helping to make it almost as much as she loved eating it.  I portioned the ice cream scoops in individual cupcake liners and sprinkled them with pink sugar sprinkles so all I had to do was plop them onto their pink depression glass serving bowls.  


After the ice cream came the next course - pink white chocolate covered oreos with of course, sprinkles on top.  The girls enjoyed theirs along with some more tea!  They ended the meal with a pink covered strawberry and as if they knew everything was finished, politely asked to be excused (both of them to my surprise) and darted off to the playroom.  

The mommy's enjoyed their "tea" - a new and easy drink I came to know and love this summer - Asti champagne with rasberry pink "Simply Lemonade."  As I said before, this might have been just as much fun for me as the girls.  I got to use a lot of my depression glass china that never gets drug out because well, it is pink and green, and who doesn't love a girly tea party!?
Our day wasn't over yet!  Kortni had to get her hair done so I insisted she leave Katie so the girls could play since they have both already had naps.  We then discovered we were both serving left overs to our families so why not combine them for a buffet with a plethora of choices?  I also made a are the comical pics of our "dinner" tonight with the Vaniceks!  So thankful to have them as friends!

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