Monday, August 6, 2012

8.6.12 - Daily 5 Training First Day - Day 64 - 70 DOS

Today I "went to work" though I don't count it as back for good because all I have is today and tomorrow of a very helpful training to institute Daily 5 and Cafe in my classroom.  I "tried" them last year but not fully and don't think I really understood how they worked so I am so excited to receive grades 4 - 5 specific training and can't wait to plan with my new partner, Marly, all the exciting ways we will use this in our classes!

I came home and Andy was already home from his first day of 2 - a -days.  He is officially "back in the saddle!"  It was precious because Eleanor ran to the door to greet me only to tell me she straightened Daddy's hair and wanted to do mine as well ha!  She is such a girl!  Yesterday she told me my pencil skirt I wore to church was my "ballerina skirt" and asked me to "twoll" (twirl).  I love how girly my daughter is!

Tonight I made an Asian mean for Andy to start his first day back to work.  He loves that kind of food.  I made a wonton soup and followed the directions completely with the exception of the wontons because I already had some filled with chicken/cilantro I had purchased at Costco.  I also made my favorite PF Changs lettuce wrap copycat recipe and fried rice with the exorbitant amount if broccoli I had left from the other night, edamame, and water chestnuts.  It was delicious but so filling!

This back to work sure does lend itself to the routine I have so craved all summer though.  I got my workout in at 5:15 to start my day and it is 6:15pm and we have already finished dinner and Andy is bathing E.  I love our schedule - let's just hope we can keep it up.  Now for some motivation to get those daily chores complete before falling into bed!

Katie will be here with E for the second day in a row tomorrow - we are so thankful to have her around to help with our sweet goose!

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