Monday, August 20, 2012


Resilient is what I would use to describe my sweet baby girl.  The past couple weeks were supposed to be the tail end of summer for us but I started to freak out (as usual) about my room and nevertheless, Eleanor was tossed between family members and friends so that I could get up to my room and work. 

This week and next are no different if not worse because today marked the first day I was REQUIRED to be at school.  Today, Eleanor was with Jessica, a wonderful sitter we have come to love and they enjoyed feeding "Eleanor's ducks", eating our homemade popsicles, and swimming in the back yard.  Tomorrow and Wednesday, she gets to spend with Marmi, Thursday with Amanda, Aunt Keekda's HS friend who is also Jessica's sister and Friday, she gets to spend with Marci who she misses and is so excited to see!  The following week will be split between Marci, Jessica, and Marmi as well.  

This poor sweet girl will not get one ounce of consistency and can you tell?  NO!  She has been the most resilient child I have ever seen - probably so her momma can hold it together as the guilt has set in once again as it always does every year that I would leave her in someone other than her own mother's care.  God is good though and must be giving her some sort of comfort through these wonderful people who spend the day with her while Andy and I are away. 

Sweet Eleanor, please know how much Mommy and Daddy love you.  We have CHERISHED this summer with you and are so thankful for all the time we got to spend being enlightened by your sweet and kind self and your constant flow of joy.  Thank you for understanding, at the mere age of 2, that Mommy and Daddy have to go to work again now and for your smile awaiting our arrival at the front window that becomes the highlight of our day.  Know that we would so much rather be with you than anywhere else and you are on our minds CONSTANTLY throughout the day.  Maybe someday, Mommy will be able to be home with you all the time but until then, she lives for the weekends, days off, and hopefully a snow day or two this winter (PLEASE GOD... if even just for the sake of killing off the mosquitoes...)!  We love you and are so proud of you!  We hope your last two weeks of summer are still fun and eventful and can't wait for you to start your second year at Little Apostle's Preschool after Labor day!

Mommy and Daddy

Thank you God for such a resilient and understanding two year old.  We trust you that this is your plan for our family - even though I often wish otherwise (maybe someday I will be able to stay home??).  Amen.

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