Monday, February 14, 2011


Andy and I have never been the types to celebrate Valentines in a BIG way - we can't let ourselves spend triple the amount on flowers/gifts, dinner out, etc. on one day when we could get them for a much lower price a day later. Not that we think badly of the rest of the world who does, we just dont. We ALSO always celebrated our anniversary (that of when we first started dating in February 2005) on February 10th so it seemed silly to do the same kind of celebration 4 days later...

Since our initial opinions of Vday - we always kept it small. I have always made him sugar cookies with hard pink powdered sugar frosting (the only time I could ever give him something pink) and he usually got me a card or got me chocolate.

This year was PERFECT. I didn't have any expectations because he had a basketball game and I knew wouldn't be getting home until almost 9pm. Not to go all country movie on you but, Momma always says when you have no expectations, you can't get let down and can only be surprised and was I ever. I had a card ready from me and one from Eleanor that she personally signed...well I tried to get her to even though she was more interested in eating the pen.

Eleanor side note - she was in such a great mood when we got home from Marmi's tonight. She ate her first meaty delicacy, chicken, tonight, and then bathed and even let me do a little photo shoot in her red Valentine's dress her godmother, Jenna, sent her. We opened her card from Marmi and enjoyed our own little Valentine's night. She then let me put her down so easily and fell asleep after she sang herself there while sticking her arm through her crib slat and banging her paci on the crib....I sent Andy in to make sure her arm wasn't stuck!

I then made and ate the yummy salad I had been looking forward to all day...don't think I was being too healthy because it was loaded with balsalmic dressing, black beans, onions, tomatoes, and AVOCADO along with of course a staple, grilled chicken. It is funny to see what everyone posted for their fancy vday dinner...I made myself a salad ha! While eating, I was enjoying a wonderfully scandalous and put you on the edge of your seat episode of nothing other than "The Batchelor." How could this night get any better?

Andy walked in with a smile on his face and a card and Kroger bag in hand. My sweet husband brought our favorite ice cream - Ben and Jerry's HALF BAKED! I haven't seen that in our freezer in almost a year! What a treat :)

My simple Valentine's Day was exactly that as Andy and I exchanged cards, drank a glass of wine and spooned some "half baked" - I of course fishing to find the brownie and cookie dough chunks :)

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  1. Haha the Bo Band...always coming through in the clutch! Love Love yah Princess :)