Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick Days for Ellie Bellie

Poor Baby girl has been sick for almost a week now. Nothing too terrible but still very bothersome for her. She has had a runny and clogged up nose and a cough that seems to keep getting worse :( She hasn't really had a fever over 100 and her drainage is clear which leads me to think it isn't a bacterial infection...yet....

It is just miserable for little ones because I can't give her a sudafed or cough medicine to help, it is like she just has to ride it out with a humidifier and the miserable squirts of saline spray in her nose only to be sucked out with incredible amounts of un-ending SNOT with the little bulb sucker. I hate to host a pity party but it is so hard to hold her down and push my legs on her hands as she tries with all her might to fight it and looks at me with her poor little swollen sick eyes crying and pouting thinking, "Why is my mommy who is supposed to love me more than anyone doing this to me!?" Certainly it must be close to chinese water torture...

Poor baby, I hate it for her and hope she gets better soon...until then, hopefully the humidifier and saline spray will do their jobs though I am not optimistic. I then think, well hopefully all the vitamins in these fresh fruits and veggies I am feeding her will do the trick which then makes me wish I could give her chicken noodle soup - my remedy for getting over ANY cold - it works like a CHARM! Oh well...maybe I could spoon her the broth?


  1. madeline had the exact same thing for 13 days...on that 13th day i took her back to the dr. for the 2nd time and she ended up having a sinus infection and needing an antibiotic....just wanted to let ya know...i wish someone would have told me that so iwould have taken her back to the dr. sooner.
    hope yall all feel better sure your exhausted

  2. I'm praying for you girls! One thing that always makes Anna Grace feel better is steaming in the shower with me. It's like a humidifier on overload. Depending on how your shower is set up, we drape a towel over the door to keep in more steam. You can even get some Vick's vapor rub stuff for the shower.

  3. Aww poor baby bubbles! I will be home soon to help her feel better :) Atleast youve gotten to be home with her!

    ps. comments on my new design and such? I'm trying to be as creative as you and your friends bootyful blogs!

  4. Earth's Best Organic has a Country Chicken Vegetable soup and Gerber has a Chicken Noodle Dinner as well and if you google it, there are recipes for making Chicken Noodle Soup suitable for babies yourself online.