Friday, February 18, 2011

Eleanor is 9 Months Old!

We no longer want to sit during the photo shoot - we must stand!

Eleanor doing one of her new tricks - pointing!

Oh my goodness, three months until I have a one year old!? This has been SUCH an exciting month for Eleanor! She has become as many of us say a little child now, not a baby anymore, tear from her mom :(.

I can't even begin to list the many things she has started doing this month, here are a few:

She now waves properly (her hand facing out and bending at a 90 degree angle rather than facing herself which I must say was quite cute). She also waves by just shaking her hand back and forth. She even started pointing (well a day after her "9month bday" but we will count it during the 9th month).

She has three words she can say now: Pop Pop, Mama (MMMah or Mah Mah Mah), and UP. We think she knows the meaning of up too but are still determining. She knows who Pop Pop and Mama are for sure :)

She has started eating food that actually LOOKS like something I would eat including:

- grated cheese (mozzarella and sharp cheddar are what she has tried)

- Plain Whole Milk Organic Yogurt (she made a face at the sour taste but then got used to it when mixed with pureed mango or peach
- pureed peaches and broccoli
- the little "tree" part of the broccoli in little pieces for her to reach for
- shredded pieces of boiled chicken
- whole wheat bread smooshed in little balls or I give her a quarter of a piece of bread and she knaws on it
- wheat teething bisquits

She has thrown a few more temper tantrums and definitely knows what she wants still. She is becoming much more deliberate with her movements and it is so fun to watch her play. She is getting much better at playing independently too! I am able to get the vegetables at least cut for dinner before she wants me to play with her or crawls over to some mischief.

She gets told no to the following things she LOVES to do and still pushes our buttons at trying to get:

- play in the fireplace
- climb on the dishwasher
- put wires in her mouth from the computer to the phone cord...YIKES! This is a major time that I have to stop and say a firm "NO" to her...

A few other things Eleanor can do...She can hold her big water cup on her own ,drink from a straw and hold her cup while doing it. She loves drinking from a straw!

She weighs about 19lbs with her clothes on (she was weight naked at the office and was almost 18 lbs. and then went in the next day for her cold and weight 19). She is ______ inches long (50th%) and her head measures (65th%)
She is crawling everywhere and is pulling up a lot more, she is starting to like to stand! She is also SUCH a curious baby and even figured out how to open her snacks container...a definite quick plug for our favorite disolvable snacks, esp. because she likes them and they have kale, spinach, and other greens in them! SUPER healthy! :)

She had her first (and is still suffering from) real cold. She has had it almost three weeks now with a fever on and off no more than 101, a runny nose, wicked croupy cough, and at times, not so cheerful demeanor which is to be expected. To treat it, we give her tylenol when her fever spikes, and have a humidifier in her room at night. She also gets saline spray in her nose which then gets suctioned out and she acts like we are stabbing her to death in the process. My favorite saline spray is called "Simply Saline" for babies. It is the same sodium concentration as the adults but it has a cool feature on the top of the sprayer for their little noses so that in the rush of spraying in their nose while their head is turning each way trying to avoid it, you don't shove the sprayer too far up their little schnoz's.

Eleanor still LOVES to read. To her book favorites she has added Andy and I love reading to her becasue she just chuckles to herself the entire time. She also, when eating before reading, will sit up and look at the table next to the chair with the books on it just to make sure they are there and then talk to them as if she is telling them to come to the chair and read with her! I LOVE that she already loves books! She is always grabbing the next book to read from the pile and loves to turn the pages in the books for us. I am seriously on cloud nine, I hope this love for reading continues!

Eleanor's Valentine's present was a walker! She loves it - it plays piano, speaks to her in spanish as well as english and she can learn colors, numbers, etc. on it. Not only that, but it has already made her take some of her first steps. We of course don't have them on camera and she got a little scared after her first couple run throughs and just plops on her bottom whenever we try to get her to walk with it now but I am very happy with the purchase! The best part was that we still had gc's from Aunt Gail (thank you!:)) so it was free! It is also on sale!

Sweet, girl, you are a light in our lives and we are so thankful to have you! We live for the weekends and the weeknights when we get to see your smile and hold you (though you are really enjoying squirming away and crawling to whatever it is you have your eye on at the moment). You make us smile with every move you make and every new thing you learn! We love you sweet girl!

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