Friday, February 18, 2011

Buying Bright Colorful Bags = Helping My Impoverished School

OK so maybe impoverished is a bit harsh but I work at a "Title 1" School and the way to qualify for that is to have 40% or more of your students considered "low income" and on free/reduced lunch. We have A LOT more than 40%. Most of my students, in fact all but one, are on free and reduced lunches.
That being said, we don't have a lot of monetary support coming from our families which is understandable but also means that a lot of the responsibility in coming up for money for supplies, field trips, school parties falls on the school and in many cases, the teachers themselves.
We have quite a few fundraisers each year to help support our school but they never yield too much aid as the people our children sell to are usually in the same position as their own families and aren't able to spend extra money on cookie dough, wrapping paper, whatever else a fundraising company comes up with.

I have always wanted to offer those products to my friends/family but resisted as, honestly, in the case of the cookie dough and pies, wouldn't buy them myself. This was until our newest fundraiser arrived...MIXED BAGS.

These bags we are selling are made of basically the same material you would see on a tarp. They are washable and very durable, you can literally "hose them down". They come in adorable patterns and all different sizes. This is my favorite, their "hold everything" bag, I like the Damask print, this link takes you there:

They are also in favor of the "green movement" as they sell the famous grocery bags (but much bigger and more durable than those you see at the groc.) and these really awesome snack pouches that you can put a sandwich, some carrots, or cheerios, etc. in, in lieu of the many ziplocks (my family at least) goes through a week packing lunches. Here is the link to one of the designs: Their lunch sacks are also insulated and easy to wipe down!

On the grocery bag note...a lot of these bags are cloth/polyester and must be machine washed. If you own some of these purchased at your favorite local grocery store, you hopefully wash them as they can easily become contaminated. The annoying part is having to put them in the washer and letting them air dry and using up all the water a load of laundry uses. With the MIXED BAG grocery bag, you can literally squirt some dish soap in, hose and scrub it down, and then wipe it dry with a towel. I also noted that it is much bigger and more durable than any of the other grocery bags I have purchased (mine came from Whole Foods, Kroger, and Market Street to name a few who roped me into buying them...).
I am telling you this so that you can be educated about what I think is a super worthy and of course also cute and fun product and if you are interested, request you check it out so to support my school! You can view them on their website: but DO NOT ORDER THEM THRE. Aikin will not get credit for bags ordered online. You will have to order from me and we would appreciate greatly if you did! You may email me at if you are interested! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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