Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's New with the Reinbergs

It has been a while since I have posted about our entire family - usually it is just about Eleanor. So not to spoil the Christmas Card, I wanted to update the bloggers on the family! :)

ANDY is having a blast coaching at his new school. While we both really miss the Renner/Plano West Family, we have embraced a new family at Ranchview. I have gotten to know a few of the wives and really enjoy having partners to sit next to at the games. Andy's team was pretty broken when the entire new coaching staff inherited them so the guys have a lot of work but never before have I met such a positive group of guys! They are doing great things with the boys and so far all I have heard from parent commentary in the stands has been positive. I even met the principal who also raved about the team and change in school spirit. I am so proud of Andy and pray for strength for him - he is pretty tired right now and also overwhelmed teaching 4 new subjects never taught before. He is doing great though! We are excited for a long weekend to just be together as a family!

ELEANOR is such a grown up little girl! I love her mannerisms and really am to the point now where I don't remember life without her! We love having her apart of our family, especially now that she expresses her opinions more than ever! She loves to play with her babies and pat them on the back/change/feed them. she has such great manners - always says please when she wants something and usually says thank you. She also can SAY (not just sign anymore) "I love you." She is having a hard time with the EARLY wake up time, especially considering she would wake up as late as 10am this past summer. When I wake her up around 6am, we have a routine of getting up a little earlier than we need to leave and my new favorite thing is to get her out of her crib, lay bun bun and lion on my chest and she curls up laying her head on my chest and putting her hands underneath her body as we rock in the chair. Her sweet little hands feel on the outside of my tummy like they did when she was inside tickling ready to come out! I LOVE when she snuggles with me and it is a great time for us both to just shut our eyes for a few minutes and wake up. Eleanor is such an amazing joy to us, I don't know what our lives would be like without her. She starts school on Thursday and will be going 5 days/week from 9am - 2pm. I hope she LOVES it!

LINDSAY (I) am LOVING my new school! I FINALLY got into a school in Coppell, Town Center Elementary, and it is literally 5 min. from our home and is without a doubt the most amazing school I have ever encountered! Every day I walk in and think to myself, "How to I deserve to be here?" I can't say enough positive things about it. I am enjoying being a teacher more than ever and am trying to get better about having enough energy to stay on top of chores and make sure we have healthy meals planned for dinner/lunches while also trying to find the best deals for Eleanor's fall wardrobe! I worked Divine Consign in Plano this past weekend and while it wore me out, I really enjoyed it and always love the "hunt" associated with that sale! I feel so much more "in my skin" when it comes to juggling the teacher/mom/wife job than I did last year. I don't know if it was the breastfeeding or postpardum EMOTIONS but when I reflect on last year, I was a mess at juggling everything. Though I by no means have mastered it, I feel so much more confident about the desire I have and hopefully am fulfilling to be the best wife/mother/teacher I can be!

God is so good in the way he has led our family to where we are now. My only desire right now is another little addition but after much discussion and deliberation, feel God is calling us to wait another year :( I sort of hope that isn't the fact and that He will surprise us - that is the beauty of NFP but so far, His desire seems to not be a 4th member of the Reinberg fam. We are at peace with His will and can't wait to see what He has in store for us next!

Eleanor and I continue to enjoy bonding while we miss Daddy at all his football events and love cheering him and his Ranchview Wolves on from the sideline (Eleanor calls every coach on the field dada...they look the same from the stands...and loves to say go wolves!).

We are SOO ready for this hot weather to roll on out and the cool fall to come quick! My personal favorite time of year is upon us...Pumpkin patches, cute costumes, turkey and family time (not to mention Aunt Katie is coming to visit!!!), awaiting patiently the birth of our savior, pictures with Santa and walking through the decorated malls, celebrating His birth (plus the two weeks off school is pretty awesome!)...not to mention three+ reasons to buy an adorable smocked dress!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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