Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eleanor is 15 Months Old!

Sweet Eleanor Ann! You are becoming more and more a little girl every day! It is crazy to Mommy and Daddy how much of a sweet little person you are!

You have been talking up a storm and love to repeat anything mommy and daddy. Some of your new words this past month are:
- Aggie, Whoop
- Good Girl (you started saying it on your own when I would commend is so cute, goo gol is how it sounds :) My favorite is when I lay you down in the bath to rinse your hair and always said good girl to keep you from freaking out, now every time I lay you back, you say incessantly till I sit you up "goo gol goo gol" haha! :)

You love to give Mommy and Daddy kisses and hugs. You also love giving high 5's!

Eleanor, here are a few things you have accomplished in this 15th month. You went to the nursery for the first time at church and while mommy and daddy were a little hesitant, you did so wonderfully and we SO enjoyed getting to understand what was being said in mass rather than trying to keep you quiet and happy. It is just too hard for a sweet girl of your age to sit still for an hour, it isn't fair to you! So soon though, we will be so excited to have you back with us learning more about Jesus in the mass!

You have more than 8 teeth now! FINALLY - it seemed like forever that you just had 8! Your molars are coming in and you aren't too happy about it. I wouldn't be either, they are huge and take forever to cut through, poor baby! You still enjoy frozen teething rings and tylenol to help alleviate the pain.

You still LOVE to read. SO often, Mommy or Daddy will leave the room only to come back to you reading to yourself and identifying all the pictures in your books! You are so smart! You are also learning so much from everything you see around you. You love to put your apron on and get to work in your kitchen AND you love to feed your baby her bottle and burp her. You know now WHEN you don't have bun bun and lion and you always ask for them. Used to, you only wanted them when you could see them. Now, you know when they are missing and you want them!

You are back with Marmi and what a different experience it has been for the both of you. You are so much more busy than you were when she started watching you at 3 months! She is loving it but I think you are both excited for you to have variant playtime once you start school soon! Mommy and Daddy REALLY miss seeing you during the day though! It is so hard not getting to see your sweet smiling face as much. Especially for Daddy who will come home so late 2 and 3 nights in a row and not get to see you :( It makes him so sad!

A new thing you have come to love is chips/crackers and dip! You DIE for tortilla chips and guac or salsa and can definitely handle eating chips on your own. You also love to dip carrots in hummus though you just lick the hummus off and dip it back in without eating the carrot!

Your foot grew so much this spring/summer. You started with a 3 and are now in a 5! You are wearing some 12 month clothes still but mostly have transitioned to 18 - 24 month! You are getting so big!

You love to play games with whoever will play - you hide behind the shower curtain while mommy is in the bathroom and whip around to reveal yourself and say "pee pie!" You also love to do patty cake still and can do and say it (in your own way) all by yourself!
- patty cake (say and can do the motions)
- count with mommy, I say one two and you fwee, I say four you say 5 and sometimes 6, I say seven you say eight and nine. You also repeat spanish words
- you know consequences the green beans and you can have pasta and you do it
- first like to swat/hit at people when you are mad, wonder if it is because Marmi told you to hit something when it hurt you. You hit Daddy and he spanked you wouldn't stop
- you love to say pata for pasta and you love to eat it! You also love guac and you say guac and
- you LOVE duckys, we can't wait to take you to the trails in Coppell to see some when it cools down, until then, you love your ducky in your bath, you say dut-tee and you say ka ka for quack quack when we ask when he says (ther animals you know...cow, sheep, puppy, kitty and their sounds)

We love you sweet girl!

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