Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Happened to my BACKGROUND!?

Ok so something happened to my old bg...don't know what but searching for a new one isn't a priority over ironing, grading papers, lesson plans, and keeping the house clean so unfortunately I had to pick this boring one from blogger to tide us over...oh well at least it is signature color!

Sitting here with the hubs watching the Cowboys lose their first game of the season when we both should be in bed...another week ahhh...I hope my kids are good and I REALLY hope a certain kid takes his meds tomorrow if you know what I mean...I LOVE 4th grade! No I am enjoying it I just have what can be quite the challenging class some days...the PE coach summed it up when I picked my kids up from PE Friday and he had a laundry list of things they did wrong and directions they didn't follow when he said, "You just can't catch a break, can you?"

Ok so this wasn't supposed to be a real post bc if it was I would be talking about my sweet little Eleanor who btw is just the coolest and sweetest little person ever and not my little delinquents. Anyway, headed to bed, hopefully will fix this background and catch the blogging world up on the Reinberg beautiful mess soon!

Peace and goodnight! :) PS the cowboys just scored with 3 secs left and it looked like it was recalled bc idiot #71 choked a redskin...this is going to be a good season...

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  1. SAME thing happened to me! I think we had the same 'maker' ...leelu blogs or something! UGH! I don't have time to change this!!!! How's school goin? Miss you!