Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eleanor is 4 Months Old!

I can't believe how the time is flying. Eleanor had her four month old shots and checkup today on her actual four month bday. These are some pictures from her 4 month old day mark, just before she got her shots :(. She is in the 50th percentile across the board (head/lenght/weight). She weight in at 13 lb. 5 oz. and is 25 in. long. Our nurse this time was nice and speedy so her shots were definitely not as traumatic as her 2 mo. shots. She has been pretty sleepy and really wanting mommy to hold her ALL day but how could I complain about my little angel wanting to snuggle all day? We have had so much fun just sitting and rocking and reading books.

Eleanor, I miss you so much when I am away at school. This month I have especially noticed Monday mornings, leaving Marmi's house with just an indescribable hurt in my heart. I know you are in the best hands you could be in with your sweet Marmi but still hate that I miss out on your smiles, giggles, and sweet kisses all day long. You grow so much every day and I am so afraid that the business of life will make me miss out on something! Here are a few things you have been up to lately that make me smile:

- I think it is just adorable that you love your feet so much. You take your toes to your mouth and literally suck on them! I can't believe how limber you are! You definitely didn't get that from your mommy!

- You JUST literally a couple of days ago, to blow bubbles almost trying to say the "b" sound...Daddy thinks you are trying to say "ball" (his first word)

- I love how vocal you are! You love to sing and talk in your crib before I come to get you, in the car, and laying on the floor when we play with you.

- You are rolling over like crazy. You hardly ever stay on your back and you go straight to your tummy once we lay you down.

- You don't like your tummy too much though your head control is great and you hold your head up nice and high! You will play with toys while you are on your tummy but after a while you like to tell Mommy and Daddy to flip you back over.

- I love your bedtime routine. It is such a special time for us together. Lately, we have been reading 3 books, "I Love You, Goodnight" (a book you were given that Mommy especially likes because it is full of similes - getting you ready to be a good writer from the beginning and you like because it rhymes and is very "sing song"), "Buenas Noches a Todos" (a book Mommy bought trying to immerse you in the Spanish language though Mommy doesn't completely understand what she is reading you because it is in "Espanol Solomente," and "Como Me Siento/How do I feel?" You like to have your paci in and to have one of your "lovies - soft little blanket/animal" by your face and you are always hugging it. Mommy reads and you like to help turn the pages while holding onto your lovie which currently is you "bun bun" that the Glynns all got you. After we read your books, we pray the same prayers Daddy prayed when he was little (Mommy used to just pray the "Our Father" and liked to sing it when she was little) - "Now I Lay Me...," The Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and thankful prayers. Then, Mommy lays you in bed and usually, you fall right asleep. You are so good to your Mommy and Daddy

- I love going to mass with you. You usually eat right before and fall asleep in the car on the way there. When you wake up, you are so happy to sing and pray out loud during mass.

- Mommy and Daddy are so lucky that you are sleeping through the night. You go to bed between 8 and 9 and then get up around 6 when we wake you to bring you to Marmis but you always fall back asleep in the car and wake up between 7:30 and 9 for the day. You have been known to take a 2-4hr. long nap in the morning and then nap in the afternoon as well.

- You just recently have been grabbing for Mommy and Daddy's food/water glass/wine glass a lot! Usually you sit in one of our laps or in the bumbo during dinner and now it has been three occasions that you have shined your sweet face at me as if wanting a sip of my water and I have given in, put the glass close to your mouth, you have opened, waited for the water to hit your lips, and started slirping as if you were a 2 year old drinking from a big girl cup but no, you are a 4 month old!

We love you so much baby girl, looking forward to what month 5 has to bring!

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