Friday, September 24, 2010

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL!??!?

Supporting the Ags their first game weekend of the season, thank goodness they BTHO SFA!

Being married to a football coach brings lots of fun and excitng discussions/lessons in plays such as what options Andy's offense is running, how "deep" his recievers/running backs/safetys go on a certain play and well a lot more he has told me but I can't remember and will spare my readers and say no more since I have probably already butchered what little of football jargon I know/understand.

Football season also brings Friday nights of girl time with the Reinberg girls, and well all day Saturday as well while Daddy/Coach works as late as 3am Friday night and then works from about 8am - 4pm on Saturday. It also brings Monday and Tuesday nights of Middle School football games which Eleanor and I haven't ventured to yet seeing as the temp. hasn't dropped below 90 STILL yet. As if we couldn't get enough football, we then have college games all day Saturday on TV AND even listening to Dave South dictate how terribly the Aggies are playing on Andy's computer WHILE watching another game on the TV and seeing the Aggie score scroll across the bottom of the screen bc don't worry, we will never be good enough to be televised unless we are playing t.u. AS IF 4 days a week of football weren't enough, we have Sunday to watch the Cowboys (so far) lose as well.

Sunday waiting to go to 4:30 mass after the game was over (we couldn't go to our usual noon mass because the Cowboys were playing...Eleanor is her "Daddy's Litttle Cowboy" shirt and her "First Levis"

I grew up around lots of football. I learned to be resilient to the incessant screaming shot at our television set by my dad in the fall while watching the cowboys (or whatever team is playing that he has fantasy players playing on). At first, it was an adjustment. I was told my Dad made me cry as a child because his "c'mon ref" or "where's the flag!?" came as a shock at first to me but then I eventually got used to it. After a while, I became "interested" in football so that my Dad would include me in his weekend rituals of watch parties. I would ask him to explain certain things to me but basically just understood that the qb throws the ball and a touchdown is when they run to the end of the field and score. I also learned the hand signal given by the ref for that from "Touchdown Jesus" at ND.

It wasn't until college that I learned quite a bit more at Aggie football games. College games, unlike hs where girls socialize while the guys watch the game, seemed to have much more fan involvement and so I learned a little more! It wasn't until my soph. or jr. year that I finally learned that the "1st down" yellow line you see on the TV ISN'T in fact painted on the field and moves as the team advances...WOW I know pretty sad to admit. Luckily I now have a football coach for a husband to explain this exciting game even more in depth to his poor and uneducated wife.

They say girls pick men like their fathers to marry. While I would say that Andy and Dad can be different in some ways, I definitely didn't get away from a football worshiping man. Last year, we had so much fun going to mom and dad's to watch the Cowboys play each weekend and so far have enjoyed watching with them AND Eleanor. Dad is already getting Eleanor used to the yelling...

Eleanor's first In Season Cowboy's Game


SO this being Eleanor's first football season, we have fully immersed her. Marmi bought her some Cowboys outfits to wear on gameday and like last year and she loves her many Aggie outfits as well. She has her own "1st football" that the Easter bunny brought her last year and she loves to hold it during games. She also like to yell at the TV and tell the players what they are doing wrong - she already knows more than her mommy!

Eleanor's first football

Daddy and Eleanor watching the Ags BTHO LALafayette...YES her eyes are on the TV...yikes!

Football is definitely ingrained in our lives, we just can't get enough!

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